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March 12, 2021

Danae & Connor – Buffalo River State Park

Beautiful Winter Bride and Groom Portrait Session

Danae and Connor are a very sweet couple that are always so much fun to work with!  They originally had their wedding planned for summer of 2020.  We emailed back in forth in March and April of 2020 with hopeful messages but quickly realized a big wedding was not going to happen during a pandemic. These two were able to jump to Plan B and had a beautiful, intimate wedding with just family in the bride’s hometown. Now, they are happily planning a big wedding to celebrate their one year anniversary!  They are enjoying newlywed life while also having fun wedding planning.

When I found out Danae and Connor had to switch their plans, we started talking about a Bride and Groom portrait session to celebrate their marriage! Danae loved the idea of a variety of wedding photos and the ability to wear her wedding dress three times! During this session, they both talked joyously about being newlyweds and how much fun they are having planning their big wedding. Not many people see the silver lining when plans change, but Danae and Connor have found so many things to love about two weddings!

Danae and Connor really wanted winter photos for their bride and groom portrait session. The rest of their photos are being done in the summer and they wanted something different.  We decided on Buffalo River State Park because the tall prairie grass, all the trees, and it still has plenty of snow!  Originally, we had planned their session for a few weeks earlier, but -40 wind chills made us reschedule. Thankfully the next date we picked had highs of 45 degrees!  It was perfectly sunny and we were able to find some patches of snow even in the warmer weather.  This session was so much fun and I can’t wait for their big wedding this summer!

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