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June 18, 2018

16 Best Places To Take Engagement Photos in Fargo

Although Fargo may seem flat and boring, there are still so many options for amazing photos!  Here is my list of the Best Places to take Engagement Photos in Fargo, ND.

1. Downtown Fargo

Fargo has many great options around the downtown area!
Here are some of my favorite places around Downtown Fargo:
Fargo Theater
Graffiti Walls
Oak Grove Park
Engaged couple pose in front of a large metal wall with a tree in Downtown FargoEngaged couple in shades of light pink touch foreheads in a Downtown fargo parking ramp
An engaged couple in shades of pink enjoy the spring blossoms outside a Downtown Fargo church
A young couple stand and smile in front of a Downtown Fargo Ivy wall

2. North Dakota State University

One thing I love about NDSU is that there are many places that are so perfect, you would never guess it is a college campus!  Between the lines of trees, the main entrance, and the iconic bison statue, there are plenty of options!
Another great thing about NDSU, is their huge fan base. Many people in the Fargo-Moorhead area love the Bison and want to show that off in their engagement photos! And if you aren’t a bison fan, that is fine too.  There are many areas around NDSU to do a generic engagement session if you aren’t a Bison fan.
NDSU Engagement session on the snowy walking bridge

3. Lindenwood Park

I have done many sessions at Lindenwood Park.  The park is so expansive that there is always something new to find!  Lindenwood Park is perfect any time of the day or year because of all the amazing trees throughout the park. If you are thinking about a fall engagement session in Fargo, Lindenwood Park is one of the best options! Lindenwood Park also has campsites that are perfect to rent for a cozy campfire engagement session!

Lindenwood Park has the Red River running through it, which not only opens up the possibility of photos with the water, but also means easy access to Moorhead through the park! You can start your session under the shade of Lindenwood’s trees, and easily cross the bridge to end the session in  Gooseberry Mound Park. You may no longer be in Fargo, but Moorhead’s side of the river is just as amazing for photos. Just remember, Lindenwood raises their bridge during the spring and through flood season! So the option to cross isn’t available during spring and sometimes fall as well.
A couple in warm winter gear shows off that Lindenwood is one of the Best Places to take Engagement Photos in Fargo during the wintertime.
A couple stay close and warm during their winter engagement photos in Gooseberry Mound Park

4. Lions Conservancy Park

Lions Conservancy Park is known for its tall grass and winding paths. It is a photographer’s dream location. Like Lindenwood, Lion’s Park always has something new to offer every couple. I could photograph ten sessions at Lion’s and make each of them unique to the couple. Just make sure you bring the bug spray!
An engaged couple in grey and blues hold hands in Lions Conservancy Park for their engagement photos
An engaged couple rest their foreheads together in Lions Conservancy Park

5. North Trollwood

North Trollwood is a hidden gem in North Fargo. My favorite part of North Trollwood is the large weeping willow trees.  If you are looking for a sunset session, North Trollwood is the place to go! The sun sets over the bend in the river and allows the glow to come through the willow tree branches. It is very romantic for an engagement session.

6. Riverwood Park

Riverwood Park is another option in North Fargo!  It has evergreen trees, large fields, and beautiful trees with tall grass. It has everything needed for the perfect engagement session. Since this park is a little out of the way, it is a great option for engagement pictures with your dog!  There are less distractions and more room for your dog to run around. It is a perfect place to do engagement photos with your favorite furry friend!
Engaged couple hold hands and walk through the tall grass at Riverwood Park
A dog smiles during an engagement session in Riverwood park

7. Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park is over in West Fargo, but it is another great option for photos! There are two parts to Elmwood Park, North Elmwood and South Elmwood. They both have the Sheyenne River running along the park, beautiful walking paths, and even a nice white building to break up the green of the trees. A huge plus to Elmwood Park is that it is the biggest park in West Fargo. If you are located in West Fargo, it is a much shorter drive for a beautiful photo location!

8. Wildflower Grove Park

Wildflower Grove Park  is a fun hidden park in North Fargo. It’s just outside of Downtown Fargo near Oak Grove Park. Because the park is on the flood plain and surrounded by the raised flood levee, you would never know it’s near downtown!  The park is filled with trees, tall bushes, and flowers with plenty of walkways through it all. It’s a fun space to explore and perfect for an engagement session!

A couple holds each other in Wildflower Grove Park at sunset

An engaged couple walk down the walkway in Wildflower Grove Park for their engagement session

Bonus: Fun Combinations  

These locations are some of the best places to take engagement photos in Fargo! The best thing about these options is the ability to drive between them. For an engagement session, you can combine any of these locations for a unique session! Maybe you want a formal outfit for Downtown Fargo and a casual outfit for Lindenwood Park.  You could choose Green and Yellow for NDSU, but something more neutral for Lion’s Park Conservatory!

A couple shows off the engagement ring in yellow sweater and NDSU Bison scarf

Wedding Venues

If you have already found the perfect outdoor wedding venue, don’t rule it out for engagement photos!  A Friend’s House, Oxbow Country Club, and other local outdoor venues allow the couples to use the grounds for their engagement sessions as well. If you love the location, ask your venue contact about access for engagement photos.

Engaged couple shares a moment at their wedding venue in Fargo, ND

Engaged couple smile under a white gazebo at A Friend's House

Random Places

Besides the large parks and well known area around Fargo, ND, there are also a lot of great options that may seem random! You can always find a country road, or a sunflower field around Fargo for your engagement session. Some of the most breathtaking photos come from the least expected places!
Other small parks in the area include, South Elmwood, MB Johnson, and the Hjemkomst Center. However, you can go even smaller than parks!  The Ivers Building in Downtown Fargo is covered in dark green vines all summer long.
If you are looking at a spring engagement session, ask your photographer about Orchard Glen Park. The flowers bloom for only a few weeks every spring, but they create soft, dreamy photos of pink and white. Just beware of every other couples who may have the same idea!  It may be one of the best places to take engagement photos in Fargo in the springtime!
Black and White winter engagement photos in MB Johnson Park
Engaged couple laugh at the North Fargo Dog Park
An older couple hug and smile in black in white under the spring blooms in Orchard Glen Park

Day Trips

Another thing I love about Fargo is the variety of areas that surround the city!  With a short 1-2 hour drive, the options greatly expand!

These are just a few of my favorites. There are so many options if you are willing to go outside of Fargo.  I love Buffalo River State Park, Detroit Lakes, and Sheyenne National Grassland. Whether you are looking for tall grass and trees, water and sunshine, or prairie grass and blue sky, the options just outside Fargo, North Dakota, are endless!

Engaged couple sit and smile at Buffalo State Park

Black and White couple portrait along the trees in Buffalo River State Park Engagement Session

I am always ready to explore new places.  But it is important to also remember all the best places to take engagement photos in Fargo!

Last tip:  Keep note of locations you loved during your engagement session. They can easily be used for wedding photos as well!

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  1. Alex Hagen says:

    I will be doing my first engagement shoot for a friend and his fiancé in June and wondering if it would be best to pick up a 35mm or a 50mm and if autofocus lenses are better for this kind of shoot or if manual is the way to go?

  2. Alecs Peters says:

    Hello Alex!
    I love my 50mm and 85mm for engagement sessions! I find that a closer lens creates great depth of field for romantic portraits. I also always suggest autofocus!
    Send me an email at and I can give you some more help!

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