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November 28, 2017

Darac Peters Woodworking

West Fargo Small Business – Woodworking

Since last Saturday was Small Business Saturday, today’s blog features one of my favorite small businesses, Darac Peters Woodworking. Darac Peters Woodworking is a small business currently operating out of his garage.  I say currently because there are big things in this small business’ future!  Even Amazon, Apple, and Disney started out of a garage. I don’t foresee Darac Peters Woodworking becoming the next Amazon, but he does make some pretty amazing things!  From wine stoppers, to shaving brushes, to even Christmas ornaments. Darac does it all!

Shaving Brushes

Darac has been in business since 2015. He started with a lathe he bought off of craigslist! For those non-woodworkers out there, a lathe is the machine that spins the wood or acrylic allowing Darac to shape his creations. Search videos of lathes to see how cool they are in action!

I have been photographing Darac Peters Woodworking since the very beginning.  Back then, I would just take photos for him to update his Instagram. Now, I push myself to take product shots that show the true beauty of his work.

Cherry Winestopper

Do you remember the adorable Benjamin from a past blog post?  Darac is the proud Dad of little Benjamin.  Between making amazing things out of acrylics and wood, Darac spends his time with his beautiful wife and adorable little boy!

6 Month Photography

Wine Stopper

I love small businesses because they are driven by people with big dreams. Small businesses allow creatives to do what they love every day. Whether it is photography, woodworking, or even selling donuts, small businesses deserve the recognition for working hard 365 days a year for what they love. Make sure you support your favorite small business this holiday season!

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Darac Peters Woodworking can be found at

Are you already in love with his work? Head over to his Etsy to buy some of these beautiful brushes!


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