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Hello there! My name is Alecs and I am so excited that you found my blog! Now it's time to cuddle up with your favorite furry friend, mine is my cat Goof, and start reading! 


March 26, 2018

Benjamin – Studio Session

Fargo Family Photographer

Guess who is almost one?  That’s right!  My nephew Benjamin!  Which means it was time for his first birthday cake smash. If you have not been following Benjamin, catch up with his 6 month session. Benjamin has grown so much in the last couple of weeks.  He has a mouth full of teeth, he loves looking at books, and he is walking around!  But most importantly, he is terrorizing his parents any chance he gets. Good thing he is adorable!

You may remember last week when Bennett’s one-year-old session was on the blog. These two little guys are only a few weeks apart in age. Which is great because they both joined me in the studio for some portraits and cake smashes!

Enjoy scrolling through Benjamin’s pictures and try not to get lost in his big blue eyes!

Look at those little suspenders!  Benjamin (or probably his mom) has some great style!

No Benjamin session is complete without some funny faces! He went from tired to surprised in a matter of seconds!

I love his little smirk!  No wonder he gets away with almost anything!

Benjamin may not be able to read yet, but that doesn’t stop his love of books!

Time for Benjamin’s first birthday cake smash!

Who wants to eat cake when you can play in it instead!


There is nothing better than a fist full of cake and frosting!

Happy (almost) first birthday Benjamin!


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