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March 8, 2023

Kids in the Wedding Party – Wedding Tips

When you have sweet children and adorable nieces and nephews, you of course want to include them on your wedding day! They will get all dressed up in their perfect dresses and dress pants, and hope they will all stay in one spot long enough for a photo before they spill snacks on themselves. It can seem like an impossible task, but there are a few easy things you can do to make the day much easier for the kids, their parents, and the couple!

Tips for Having Kids in the Wedding Party

Don’t expect them to be around for ALL of the photos. I suggest having the kids join for just a few photos either at the beginning or end of the wedding party photos. Have them jump in for a few photos with just the couple, maybe just the bride and then just the groom, and then a photo with the entire wedding party. Start with whatever is the most important photo, because that is typically when they are happiest. Then, once the photos with the kids are down, send them off to be kids! The last thing you want to do is have them stay around for an hours worth of photos. Most kids just don’t have the patience for that!

Know they will need a break between photos and the ceremony. With the typical ceremony being close to most kids nap times, the kids will definitely need a break. Once they are done with photos, let them go off and take a break. Whether that means a nap or snacks, they will be much happier if they get a break!

Have extra hands around to help during photos. If they are your children as the bride and groom, or the children of those in your wedding party, make sure someone else is around to help! When the kids are in the photos, having someone behind the photographer can help grab their attention and look the correct way. Then when the kids are done, whoever is there to help can take the kids while the rest of the photos are taken! Have grandma and grandpa, or a favorite aunt, whoever it is on hand to help with the kids!

Bring a small treat or surprise for the kids. Have something fun for the kids once they are done with their photos. Kids love small suckers or stickers! Having something extra on hand may help them sit and smile for just a few photos!

Know the photos may not be perfect. Whether your wedding party has one toddler or seven kids, make sure to keep your expectations reasonable. Sometimes all the kids are ready, will smile for photos, and everything is perfect. Other times, someone is having a bad day and will refuse to smile for the camera no matter what. The perfect photo may not happen, but it will be a great memory to look back on no matter what!

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