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April 2, 2021

Olson Extended Family – Fargo, ND

Adorable Nine Month Old Photos – Lindenwood Park

One little tooth, the perfect smile, and a sweater and hat to top it all off!  Jackson rocked his nine month old photos in Lindenwood Park!  He was even sweet enough to share the camera with his amazing parents and loving grandparents. I have known Jackson’s parents since high school and they are the sweetest couple!  Their love story is the definition of high school sweethearts. They have been together since high school, through college, a couple of moves for school and jobs, and now they are back in Fargo with a house and an adorable little nine month old!

When we were planning this session, his mom wanted pictures as soon as possible because little Jackson is starting to look like a toddler!  She wanted pictures of her baby boy before he lost his chubby cheeks and arm rolls and started running all over the place. Nine months is such a fun age for photos because they are really starting to show their personality. Jackson is definitely full of personality! He showed off his toothy smile, his crazy faces, and he loved every second of his family jumping around behind the camera to make him laugh!

This little guy is so lucky to have his parents, as well as two sets of grand parents who love him dearly. He loved being the center of attention and we got so many adorable pictures because of it!

Jackson loves his blanket and once he had ahold of it, he was not letting go! He kept burying his little face against the blanket and hugging it extra tight!




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