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June 16, 2020

Nox The Mini Dachshund – Fargo, ND

Adorable Tiny Puppy Family Photo Session in Fargo

There is nothing like a tiny puppy to make your day better!  Meet Nox the Dox!  He is a mini dachshund and is only three pounds. Nox joined this little family a few weeks ago and quickly become the center of attention. He is a sweet puppy that loves to sleep and just be near the people he loves. Joey and Tayler have wanted a dog for awhile, so they jumped at the chance to bring Nox home while they were both working from home. Thankfully Covid restrictions started to relax and we were able to schedule a family photo session with their new puppy!

You may recognize Tayler from Taylily Lettering. She is an amazing calligrapher who does everything from signs for weddings, to sweet gifts for loved ones, to even beautiful name tags at events!  Tayler wanted some photos of Nox to introduce him on her business social media. We had big plans to photograph a lot of her amazing work, but then between Nox running around like crazy and their tree raining sap on the yard, we had to work quickly!

Enjoy all these sweet photos of Nox the Dox!

Tayler really wanted a photo of Nox looking in a mirror. She wrote her business name out and set the mirror down outside. Before we even called his name, Nox came running over and looked right into the mirror! It was perfect and he only scratched the writing a little bit in the excitement.

This beautiful sign was made for a mom with two little boys. Nox was all about the camera though so he jumped right in for the photo!

Nox also has his own Instagram page! If you want to see more of this little guy, head over and follow him!

There were plenty of outtakes from our photo session! Nox wanted to run around, even if that meant jumping out of Joey’s arms to get away!

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