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July 10, 2020

Brooke & Logan – Bismarck, ND

Wedding at the Radisson Hotel – Bismarck, ND

Brooke and Logan contacted me only a few short weeks ago!  They were planning the wedding of their dreams and decided not to wait any longer. They moved up their wedding date, and finished planning within a month!  Their families traveled to celebrate with them and it was the perfect!  The week leading up to the wedding had thunderstorms and a forecast of 99 degrees. Thankfully, as the day got closer the high lowered to 88 degrees, but there was still a threat of thunderstorms!  I drove to Bismarck that morning and was pleasantly surprised that they cloudless blue sky stretched from Fargo to Bismarck! We were able to take some beautiful portraits outside, and still enjoy the air conditioning inside the Radisson Hotel!

Brooke is from North Dakota and Logan is from Illinois. Logan moved to Bismarck for work and found Brooke through an online dating app. They two of them hit it off! When it became time for Logan to move back home, Brooke decided to go with him. From there, their relationship continued to grow and they got engaged! Now they are happily married and have a dog that they both love.

Congratulations again Brooke and Logan!

First Look – Radisson Hotel Bismarck

Wedding Ceremony – Radisson Hotel Bismarck

Bridal Party – Downtown Bismarck, ND

Bride & Groom – Downtown Bismarck, ND

Reception – Radisson Hotel Bismarck


Bridesmaid Dresses:

Flowers: Erika with a K Designs

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Alecs Kay Photography is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Fargo, ND

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