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August 9, 2018

Elizabeth & Kelvin – Winona State University

Beautiful Summer Wedding at Winona State University

They met in Winona, they got engaged in Winona, so of course they would get married in Winona!  Kelvin and Elizabeth planned an amazing summer wedding at Winona State University. The collage campus was perfect for their unique love story!

Catch up on Kelvin and Elizabeth’s snowy engagement photos!

Kelvin and Elizabeth met on campus when they were both music majors. They met at a school jazz dance and started talking soon after that!  Music majors and meeting at a jazz dance? How fun is that!?

Kelvin graduated from Winona State University and moved to Fargo to attend grad school. The weekend he planned to officially move, he said goodbye to Elizabeth and they parted ways. From there, Kelvin left for Fargo and Elizabeth was off to Winona. Elizabeth started to worry about Kelvin shortly after he should have reached Fargo! However, Kelvin eventually texted Elizabeth to come outside. Elizabeth followed chalk arrows along a sidewalk lined with candles.  Finally, the arrows led Elizabeth to where the two first met! There was Kelvin with a sign that said, “Elizabeth, Will you marry me? Kelvin.” Two of their friends where even hiding nearby and taking pictures!

Congratulations again Kelvin and Elizabeth!


Dress Designer and Place of Purchase: Davids Bridal

Florist: Nola’s Flowers 

Ceremony Venue: Tau Center – Rotunda

Reception Venue: Lourdes Hall – Dining Hall

DJ/Entertainment Services: Big D’s Musical Extravaganza

Catering: Chartwells Catering

Cake/Dessert: Bloedow’s Donuts

Bridesmaid Dresses: Davids Bridal

Groomsmen and Groom Attire: Mens Wearhouse

Invitations: Template from Etsy

Favors: Syrup by TJ Woods


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