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August 13, 2020

The Magic of Sunset Photos

Why You Should Add Sunset Portraits To Your Timeline

Sunset photos are one of my favorite parts of the wedding day and are always magical!  After an exhausting, but amazing day full of love, marriage, and plenty of photography, you may be ready to skip sunset photos in your timeline. However, getting away at sunset is exactly what you need to recharge before spending the evening celebrating with family and friends!

A Quick Break from the Celebrating

For summer and most fall weddings, sunset will fall sometime after your first dance. This is the perfect time to get away from it all for just a few minutes!  Sunset photos only take 15-20 minutes, which means your guests won’t even know you are missing!  The party will continue while you have a chance to sneak away.  It’s a great time to take a breath and slow down. Wedding receptions can be a whirlwind where you and your spouse are  pulled in a million different ways to talk to all of your loved ones. Taking a few minutes away not only adds more photos to your gallery, but also let’s you recharge before heading back to the party!

Relaxed and Fun Photos with your New Spouse

You kiss and are pronounced husband and wife. Now the celebrating starts!  A lot of couples are nervous and excited with the anticipation of getting married. Sunset pictures are perfect because they happen after you had a chance to talk to loved ones, have dinner, and maybe a few drinks!  You and your new spouse will be a lot more relaxed than you were earlier in the day. Your photographer has also already gotten all the must-have shots, so now it’s time for some fun photos!  There will be plenty of twirling, laughing, and kissing!

Bonus: If you shared a first look and all of your photos were done before the ceremony, these will also be your just married photos!

Beautiful Light and Romantic Sunset Photos

Sunset photos are a photographer’s dream!  There is perfect light and a beautiful couple to photograph. Many times my couples tell me that their sunset photos are their favorite photos from the day! Between being more relaxed, and the amazing light, the photos perfectly top off the portraits for the day. Even when the clouds are blocking the sun, the light is the best we will see all day!

Winter Weddings in North Dakota

The sun sets really early in North Dakota throughout the winter. Just remember that sunset my fall during your ceremony, and sunset photos may not be possible. However, the North Dakota winter sunlight is much softer than the rest of the year so no matter what time you take photos the light is already beautiful! If you have an earlier ceremony, all of your photos may fall during sunset time as well. If you are wiling to brave the cold, winter wedding photos, especially during sunset, are magical!

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