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April 18, 2019

Boston, MA – 2019 Boston Marathon

Boston, MA – 2019 Boston Marathon

It’s springtime in Boston!  After a long winter full of snow and below freezing temperatures, I was very thankful to see spring blooms and warmer temperatures in Boston. This was our third year traveling to watch my mom run the Boston Marathon. The first year we had very warm temperatures for April and last year we had never ending rain and cold.  This year was the perfect combination of both! We had some rain showers, but also warm weather that was perfect for exploring the city. The rain also meant that the spring blooms were appearing around Boston!

I have been looking forward to revisiting Boston since we bought our plane tickets late last year. I love spending time with my family, supporting races, and finding a great excuse to spend a few days outside and away from daily life. One of my favorite things about Boston is walking everything and never getting bored. My fitness watch says we walked close to 25 miles while we were in Boston!  This trip is always a great way to jump start spring and summer and get back outside after the winter!

This year we stayed in a completely different part of Boston. The first year we were in a residential section of Boston, but still within walking distance to downtown. The second year, we were in a house even further away from downtown and took public transit everywhere.  This year, we found a cool apartment right in historic downtown Boston! We had explored the area a few times over the past years, but we still managed to find new things. The first night we were there, we stumbled upon an indoor marketplace with food, desserts, and plenty of vendors. We had walked by these buildings our first year, but decided not to go inside. That obviously was a mistake because these markets are amazing!

The apartment we rented was a great little three story place. It was perfect for my parents, my husband, and myself. However, the downside was that it was in an alleyway, off of an alleyway. Thankfully, it was well lit at night, but we still ran into some interesting people!  It also meant that most of our windows faced brick walls. We only had two windows that allowed sunlight in. I could never tell if it was sunny, rainy, or even light outside from one of the floors! That was a big change from our house last year that had windows and natural light everywhere.

Saturday morning meant it was time for the Boston 5k!  The morning started off a bit wet with some rain showers. Even though it was raining, it was also 60 degrees out. We left Fargo during a spring blizzard, so we were happy to have warmer temperatures. I was over dressed in jeans and a light rain jacket! My parents were happy to run in shorts after a long winter as well. You also would never know it was raining by the amount of spectators out!  Rain or shine, Boston has quite the cheering section for their races.

After the 5k, the rain stopped and the temperatures started to rise!  We changed into shorts and decided to walk along the water. I had looked up a nearby park we hadn’t visited yet. It was great to see the boats and water and enjoy the nice weather!

I always remember to take photos of my family members, but I never remember to have photos taken! My mom thankfully remembered and now we have a picture of us from Boston.  This may be one of the first pictures of my husband and myself since our wedding.

On Saturday we continued to walk and enjoy the sights. Sunday’s weather was just as great, so again we took advantage of the warmth and walked around!  We even sat in the park for a few hours and just enjoyed springtime in Boston.

As you can see, I couldn’t get enough of the flowers!  Most of the trees were still bare, but there were a handful of bright white and pink flowering trees around the park and downtown!

We circled this cookie truck a few times before we finally gave in. They serve ice cream as well, so I had cookie dough ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie!  Good thing they are only in Boston, otherwise I would eat this every day! My parents, husband, and I decided we shouldn’t travel together anymore. We had ice cream at least once a day the entire trip! Good thing we walked everywhere to burn off all that ice cream!

Boston Marathon 2019

They forecasted rain, but the sun came out! The day started out with thunderstorms and rain up until my mom started the race. Then it was sunny and warm the entire time she ran!  The humidity was tough on her, especially after battling a cough for a few months, but she finished with a great time!  As soon as she neared the finish line, the rain was back and the temperatures dropped.  Thankfully she was done and all we had to do was walk back to the apartment in the rain. My mom usually prefers cooler temperatures for running, but she was just glad her shoes were dry this year!

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