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Hello there! My name is Alecs and I am so excited that you found my blog! Now it's time to cuddle up with your favorite furry friend, mine is my cat Goof, and start reading! 


April 30, 2018

Boston, MA – 2018 Boston Marathon

Boston, MA – 2018 Boston Marathon

Last year it was good walking shoes, this year it was an umbrella.

It is crazy how your must-have list can change so drastically between two years!  When we traveled to Boston in 2017, the weather was high 60’s and sunny. This year, it was low 40’s and rainy…  My photos make it look so much nicer than it actually was!  You may not be able to tell that I soaked two pairs of tennis shoes over the weekend!

I may complain about the weather, but the first morning we were there it was actually sunny and warm. I got up early after a late flight arrival, and went to watch my parents run the 5k.  Little did I know, the 5k had 10,000 runners!  I watched and watched, but never saw my parents run by. After 40 minutes I finally called them and they were soaking up the sun by the finish line waiting for me to come find them! The amount of people running the 5k was definitely the craziest thing I have ever seen!

Look at those long legs!  And yes, that clock means they ran a 15 minute 5k….

My wonderful parents just before the 5k!  After we were reunited, we met up with my brother, sister-in-law, and my nephew!  We even taught my nephew how to ring the cowbell. He loved it!

We have been missing spring here in North Dakota, so I was so thankful to see color on the trees in Boston!

How cute is this little duck statue! Benjamin was not interested in the ducks. He just wanted to show off his walking skills!

One year later, and we are back at the finish line! A quick backstory for my mom. Since the 2017 Boston Marathon, my mom crashed her bike, broke her collarbone and three ribs, spent 6 weeks in an arm sling, had some shots in her foot for pain, had surgery on the collarbone with included re-breaking it and putting in a plate and 9 screws, 6 more weeks in an arm sling, and her ribs are still healing. It has been a long journey to the 2018 Boston Marathon.

Remember that rain I talked about?  We took advantage of the bad weather and explored the science museum! Benjamin rocked his pajamas and loved seeing all the neat exhibits!

“Alecs, I need a new picture for my instagram.”  – My (not so) little brother.

Fresh baked bread and pastries?  Yes please!

I even got in front of the camera! I may look warm, but I took off a jacket and gloves for this photo!

We rented an AMAZING house for the weekend. It was three floors with four bedrooms, and three bathrooms. The photo on the left is from the airport, but the window on the right was our view from the third floor. We have theories that the house is haunted. However, we would buy it and move in even if it was!

My nephew loved every minute of Boston!

Boston Marathon 2018 – Rain, Rain, and more Rain

It wasn’t just the rain. It was also 34 degrees, felt like 20 and winds over 30mph. And that wasn’t a tailwind, it was straight in the runners’ faces the entire time! The 2018 Boston Marathon will be one to remember!

I love that runners always come together to help fellow runners.

After a tough year of injuries and through bad weather, my mom finished the 2018 Boston Marathon and qualified for the 2019 Boston Marathon. Sounds like we will see you again next year Boston!

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