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November 27, 2019

My Favorite Engagement Session Photos With Dogs.

10 Of My All Time Favorite Engagement Session Photos With Dogs.

I may be more of a cat person, but I love when my couples bring their dogs along for photos! It’s so much fun seeing the couple interact with their dog and seeing the love their dog shares for them! It was tough to narrow it down, but here are 10 of my all-time favorite engagement session photos with dogs. Whether it’s downtown, at a park, or among the flowers, dogs always make engagement sessions entertaining!


Below is Ed, one of the sweetest dogs I have ever photographed!  Ed is a deaf pit bull that just wanted to explore everywhere we went. Even though he is deaf, I caught myself trying to call his name to get him to look. We had to get creative, but Ed is a good dog and was very patient with us!

An engaged couple smile with their young pit bull puppy

Next is Cedric and his handsome green bandanna! Cedric patiently waited in the car for his people to change clothes, and then he was off and ready to explore!  He sported his green bandanna and showed off for photos. He was even willing to let the engagement ring balance on his nose, but not quite long enough for a photo!

We can’t forget Kona on my list of favorite dog photos!  She may be the smallest puppy I have photographed during an engagement session. Kona rocked a matching NDSU Bison bandanna and was ready to smile for photos! She may not have mastered the walking photo, but look how cute she is being held. It really shows off how little she is!

Here we have one of the best behaved dogs ever to join an engagement session. Mona is always so patient and willing to sit and watch the rabbits run by without moving a muscle. She conquered all the photos like a pro and was ready to head home to play!

Loki is the only dog I have ever met that has a beard. He rocks his long beard and definitely knows he is adorable! Loki joined us for the entire engagement session, but wasn’t too happy to be left out! He always wants to be the star of the show and to have his humans’ attention at all times. Just look at his tongue in this photo!

I had to include a close up of Kona and her amazing NDSU bandana!

I love that Cedric is a puppy, but looks like an old man in this photo!  He always looks so wise and calm.

BONUS!  Here are some of my favorite wedding photos with dogs as well!

Reilly didn’t join us for the engagement session, but he was ready to shine for the wedding photos!

When your dogs are you children, you need a family wedding photo!

A brown and white dog with a floral collar poses with the bride and groom

There are so many ways we can incorporate your furry friends in your engagement photos! Contact me today to get started!


Alecs Kay Photography is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Fargo, ND

  1. Michelle says:

    Look at those doggies!!! Love them!

  2. Mandy says:

    Oh Alecs these fur babies are definitely the stars!! Love this post! Such beautiful captures!!

  3. Sarah says:

    This is such an awesome post! Love that people include their pups in their photos. 🙂 I have a rescue poodle and she is definitely the star of our household. HAHA

  4. Liz says:

    I absolutely love when the doggoes are included!!

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