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May 15, 2019

Aimee & Andrew – Sixteen03 Main Events

Overcast Springtime Wedding in North Dakota

A bride wears a lace overlay wedding dress while her veil blows across her husband's grey suit

It’s hard to forget this couple’s amazing hilltop engagement session! However, once you see their wedding photos, nothing will compare! Andrew and Aimee met on the first day of college orientation. They were the only ones in the room with the same major, so they hit it off right away! Andrew was even nice enough to save Aimee a seat in class the next day. At the time, he didn’t know he was saving a seat for his future wife!  Everything about their love story is very sweet and romantic, from meeting at college, to their simple and beautiful proposal. Andrew took Aimee out to dinner one night and later, when they got back to Aimee’s, he got down on one knee and held out a ring. Aimee of course said yes, and they started planning the wedding of their dreams!

Throughout their wedding day, there was so much love from their family and friends. Neither Aimee nor Andrew are from North Dakota, so their families all flew in from around the country.  However, you would never know they weren’t one big family to begin with!  Both families embraced the other so fully and surrounded Aimee and Andrew with so much love and support. From their intimate wedding ceremony, to their joyous reception dance with a live band, their family and friends were ready to celebrate Aimee and Andrew’s marriage all day long!

I loved so many things about this wedding and I am so glad I got to be a part of it!

A halo wedding ring with a silver band rest on soft greenery

A groom kisses his bride on the forehead during their catholic wedding ceremony

A bride and groom rest their foreheads together at the North Dakota Capital Grounds

A wedding party in sea-foam green and grey cheer for the newlyweds

A celebrating bridal party surround the North Dakota Capitol sign

A newlywed couple dances into their wedding reception

Congratulations again Mr. and Mrs. Malloy!


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