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September 30, 2019

Kallie – Island Park

Fall Senior Photos in Downtown Fargo, ND

Senior in yellow and blue floral shirt leans against an ivy wall in Downtown Fargo

It’s time for another set of fall senior photos in Downtown Fargo!  I met Kallie when I photographed her sister’s wedding earlier this summer. I had such a blast with the bridal party during the wedding, so I could not wait for Kallie’s senior photos! Kallie smiled and laughed through the bridal party photos and even held back her smile for a few serious photos. However, she can never hold back her joy for too long and quickly breaks into a smile! Kallie was the same way for her senior photos as well.  She rocked her model face, but it was always tough to stop smiling!

We just happened to end up with a beautiful fall day for senior photos. It wasn’t too cold, and the sun was trying to peek through the clouds. We started in Island Park and then headed to Downtown Fargo in search of some fall color. Fargo has had an odd fall so far this year. The leaves started to change early, and then we hit 90 degrees again. We are back down to typically fall temperatures, but the trees are mostly green and the leaves that already changes are on the ground!  Thankfully, we found one small tree in the park that held onto its colorful leaves. After the park, we headed to Downtown Fargo because we knew there was colorful ivy!

Kallie looked amazing in all the the locations we found throughout the session. She smiled, laughed, and laughed some more. From the wedding, I knew Kallie had a great model face. She took a deep breath, and hid her smile for a few photos, but it always ended with her smiling and laughing soon after!  I love how joyful Kallie naturally is and it easily shows in her photos!

Congratulations on your senior year of high school Kallie!

High School Senior with hair blowing in the window surrounded by flowers

Senior laughs over her shoulder during her fall senior photos

Kallie requested some fun photos with confetti or glitter. I found some biodegradable confetti online and we had a mini party in Island Park!

Senior girl leans against cement steps in Island Park

Whether she is smiling or showing off her eyes, Kallie is so photogenic!

Senior girl with fair red hair stares into the camera

Senior girl laughs over her shoulder during her senior photo session in Fargo

Downtown Fargo has so many amazing spots for photos!  I love the red and green ivy wall, as well as, the string lights in this alley!

The sun came out just in time for some sunset photos at the top of the parking ramp!

Senior in black and white stares in the camera as the wind blows her hair in Downtown fargo

High school senior at the top of a Downtown Fargo parking ramp in blue and yellow floral and jeans

Senior looks off in the distance against fall colors during her Senior Photos in Downtown Fargo

The leaves are changing and the weather is cooling down, time for fall senior photos! Contact me today to schedule your photo session!


Alecs Kay Photography is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Fargo, ND

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