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September 25, 2019

Saundra & Michael – The Avalon

Glamorous Wedding at the Avalon – Fargo, ND

Bride and groom smile and hold each other in Island Park

When I first met Saundra and Michael, they mentioned that their wedding would be big, over 400 guests and a 26 person bridal party, big. At first those, number sounded incredible to me. However, after spending a day surrounded by an amazing bridal party and so many guests, I understand why their numbers were so high. Saundra and Michael are two of the most fortunate people in the world when it comes to friends and family. They love, and are loved, by every single person that attended their wedding. Saundra’s army of bridesmaids pampered her while the groomsmen gave up their coats to keep her dry in the rain. The groomsmen kept Michael calm and made sure he was on time!

Not only was everyone so sweet and helpful, they were also a blast to be around! The running joke throughout the day was about Michael’s nickname. Every person in the bridal party calls Michael by his nickname, Kirby.  From the officiant during the ceremony, to the bridal party while giving speeches, know Michael as Kirby. At one point I said Michael during photos and half the group laughed and asked who that was!  Even the bride, Saundra calls him Kirby! When they weren’t laughing about nicknames, or being chased by bees, this bridal party celebrated every minute of Saundra and Michael’s wedding day to the fullest!

It’s not surprising that this couple’s love story also includes their amazing family and friends. Saundra and Michael met while Michael was playing on a softball team with Saundra’s cousins. After being friends for over a decade, they started dating. Saundra and Michael were heading out on New Years eve to celebrate with their friends when Michael popped the question!  Saundra of course said yes and they started the new year off by celebrating!

So Many Beautiful Details

I love how Saundra’s glamorous shoes complement her beautiful rings!

Ring and shoe details for a Glamorous Wedding at the Avalon

It was all hands on deck to button the back of Saundra’s dress!  And all of the detailing on the back of her dress still blows me away!

First Look at the Avalon

A groom's hands rest on his bride's back during their first look in black and white

These two are the sweetest couple! Just look at how much they enjoy being together!

Bride and Groom Portraits at Island Park

A bride shows off the detailed back of her dress while kissing her groom

There was a chance of rain all day, but the sun was shining and the rain held off!

A bride with a long veil leans in to kiss her groom on the cheek in Island Park

Family Portraits

Bridal Party in Island Park

Have you ever seen so many beautiful people all dressed up and ready to celebrate??

A large group of groomsmen with grey suits and red ties

Bridesmaids in black glamorous dressed hold red rose bouquets

Back to the Avalon for the Wedding Ceremony!

A bride hugs her two father's during her Glamorous Wedding at the Avalon

Just Married Portraits in Downtown Fargo

A groom holds his bride tightly near a vine covered wall in Downtown Fargo

The new husband and wife!

Avalon Wedding Reception

The Avalon did such an amazing job fitting all the guests in this ballroom. There was plenty of room for everyone!

A large head table during speeches at a Glamorous Wedding at the Avalon

A bride and groom during their first dance at the Avalon

Guests dance the night away at this red and black Glamorous Wedding at the Avalon

Congratulations again Saundra and Michael!


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  1. Jaclyn says:

    The bridal portraits are stunning! Gorgeous work!!

  2. jackie says:

    Wow that’s a huge bridal party!! These are stunning!

  3. Mandy says:

    Wow – those details are spectacular. Their day was so beautiful. You captured the magic Alecs!!! Great work.

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