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Hello there! My name is Alecs and I am so excited that you found my blog! Now it's time to cuddle up with your favorite furry friend, mine is my cat Goof, and start reading! 


February 13, 2019

Home Office Tour – Fargo, ND

Alecs Kay Photography – Home Office Tour

I love a lot of things about our new house, but I especially love my home office!  I started doing photography in high school and at that time I worked at a desk in the corner of my room.  It was a great corner with a lot of personality!  However, it often got crowded by homework… It was sometimes difficult to focus on photography work because I had so many things in one room. When I had to pack up my room to move, I quickly realized that I just had too much stuff. There is nothing like hauling boxes that makes you want to get rid of stuff!

My next office was a bit more organized. When my husband and I lived in Bismarck, we shared a space off of the dining room. It was supposed to be a spare bedroom, but since it had glass doors, it made a lot more sense as an office! My desk was next to the window and my husbands was against the opposite wall. There were a lot things I really loved about that office, including the amount of time my husband and I spent together there. When I would be editing, he would sit at his desk and play video games. It was great to always be near each other even when we were working on different things.  We both loved that office, but we knew we needed our own space for our desks.

One of our priorities when we were house shopping was looking for space for each of us to have our desks. My husband, Casey, loves video games and has a custom built desktop.  I love working on my business, watching Netflix, and playing video games (not all at the same time), so I also have a custom built desktop! Therefore, we needed space for two desks for our computers. When we finally found the perfect house, we were so excited to have our own spaces. I now have a bright and clean office on the top floor and Casey has a man cave office in the basement.

It took more than a few weeks to get my office space perfect, but I am getting close!  I am looking for a plant still and possibly some shades to soften the windows, but otherwise the space is finally done. Welcome to my home office!

I love using photos for inspiration. One wall has canvas prints from my styled shoot and the other wall has photos from my wedding! I recently added a cork board to hang wedding invites as well!

My talented brother knows how much I love lighthouses, so he made me a custom lighthouse lamp with a huge Edison bulb on top! I should plug it in to a smart plug so Alexa can turn it on and off for me.

That same brother also made me a frame for my birthday a few years back. It is perfect for the wedding picture of my husband, my sister-in-law, my brothers, and myself! I love my siblings! I also have small shelves with some of my favorite things. You will find mini cameras, lighthouses, dalmatians, and even a Lego mini-figure that looks like me!

These suit cases are great for storage and temporarily fill this corner. I am thinking it needs a plant instead to add some life into the space!

And of course I have a chair now for my cat!  For the first few weeks he slept on the floor next to me on a blanket. But I found the perfect chair that he loves!  Casey just has to fight the cat for it if he comes upstairs and wants a place to sit.

I am hanging out in my office most days, so send me a message and we can chat!


Alecs Kay Photography is a Portrait & Wedding Photographer in Fargo, ND

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