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February 6, 2019

Summer Wedding in Moorhead, MN

Tropical Summer Wedding at the Hjemkomst Center

Since I am an Upper Midwest photographer, I often dream of tropical weddings. We don’t have oceans or palm trees here. The closest we have are lakes and pontoons!  That did not stop this amazing couple though.  This groom attended school in the Dominican Republic and his fiancee joined him on the island. They loved everything about life on the island!  It became a large part of their life and their relationship.

Sadly, in 2017, Hurricane Marie hit the Dominican Republic. They were thankfully not harmed, but they were stuck on the island for almost a week with no contact to their family. It was extremely difficult for their families to sit and wait to hear that they were safe. You could clearly see throughout the wedding day that the two families were brought closer by everything that happened. After a week of no contact, they were able to call their families and let them know they were safe. They evacuated the island and have not back since.

Even with the devastation of living through a hurricane, they still love island life. There were tropical flowers, colors, and details throughout the day that showed their love!  I love that they tell their story of the hurricane with so much love and hope. It brought their families closer, and they all appreciate each other so much more because they came close to losing two people who meant so much to them.

I was the second photographer for this wedding along side Chelsea Joy Photography.

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