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November 11, 2019

What To Include On Your Wedding Website

The Most Important Information To Include On Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites are a fun way to easily share information about your wedding. You can easily make your own wedding website on Wedding Wire, The Knot, and many other sites!  The great thing about wedding websites is you can customize them to your wedding day. You can include as much or as little information as you want!  Sometimes the options can seem a little overwhelming, so here is a breakdown of the most important information to include on your wedding website.

Wedding Info

The most important information is the actual wedding details. Make sure you include both the ceremony and reception starting times, the exact addresses of both venues, as well as the wedding date. Most guests will go on your wedding website to find out when and where the wedding is going to be held. Make sure this information is easy to find!  That way, if anyone forgets their invites they can look up addresses and times online on their way to the wedding.

Once you add this basic, but very important information, you can add more details. Some guest only know one side of the couple and would enjoy getting to know the other half. Include a short and sweet love story about your relationship for your guests to enjoy!  Another fun option is a get to know the bridal party section for your website. You can just list out the bridal party, or include pictures and short introductions as well.


My favorite part of wedding websites is the RSVP option. Allowing your guests to go on your website and electronically RSVP is simple, efficient, and quick. Once they RSVP you receive an email with their answer. You no longer need to track down and keep hundreds of RSVP cards for all the guests. Some sites even allow food options to be selected, music requests, and other information from your guests.

Online RSVP’s are a great option, but make sure you check in with older guests that may not have computers or internet access. You can either send them a paper RSVP card, or contact them and enter their RVSP yourself. Make sure you also research different wedding website options because some have great tools beyond their websites. For example, Wedding Wire has a seating chart tool that you can create a floor plan and ‘seat’ your guests as they RSVP. This tool makes it easy to create a seating chart, and can give you a visual of how many tables you will need at your reception!


Accommodations are important, especially when you have out of town guests. People love getting recommendations on where to stay. Not everyone will know the area, so let your guests know which hotels are closest to the reception venue. Be considerate to all guests and include a high-end, mid-range, and more affordable option of hotel. That will give your guests plenty of options to consider!

Along with hotels, you can also include basic information on the local airport and things to do in the area. Out of town guest may appreciate restaurant recommendations, the local mall information, and even family friendly activities to keep busy before the wedding.


Some wedding etiquette guides say you should keep the registry information off of your wedding invitations. Whether this is true or not, your wedding website is the perfect spot to include your wedding registry!  Most wedding websites allow you to include direct links to all of your wedding registries. Help your guest find the perfect gift whether it be from Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, or even Amazon!  Most guests will already be online when they are looking for a registry, so let them know to start at your wedding website!


There are plenty more ways to customize your wedding website, but these tips should at least get you started!


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