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May 7, 2018

Things I Love and Use From My Registry

Fargo, ND – Wedding Tips

When wedding planning, I was always searching for ideas.  Flower ideas, decorating ideas, dress ideas, you name it!  One of my favorite things to search though was wedding registry ideas. It was like creating a Christmas wish list for household items! However, just like Christmas, I quickly ran out of ideas for what we wanted. I turned to google and searched for other couple’s registry must-have lists. Now that I am married, I thought I should share some of my wedding registry favorites!

Every couple’s needs are different, however here are a few items that I really love (and actually use) from our registry!

  • Knife Block: My husband, Casey, doubted that we would need a knife block. But I was able to convince him! We use these knives almost daily. I love having a set on the counter, and within reach, while I am cooking! (15-Piece Knife Block)

  • Dishware: Dishes were the first thing we were asked about when we entered Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and one item found on most lists of wedding registry ideas. We both agreed quickly on a neutral set of light stoneware. Whether you like neutrals or bold colors, new dishes are a must for any registry! (4-Piece Place Setting)

  • Silverware: Like dishware, I think silverware is also a must-have! We picked out a simple, but sturdy, set of silverware.  We did not even realize how flimsy our old set was until we got the new ones!  (Flatware Place Setting)

  • Vacuum: Ok, so this is not the most fun gift, however a new vacuum is a great addition to a registry. Nice vacuums are expensive, and an easy item to avoid buying, but this may be our most used item from our wedding!  When we first used it, Casey vacuumed the house twice. Both times he filled the canister multiple times! Our old, budget-friendly, vacuum just could not compare!  (Vacuum)

  • Garment Steamer: A garment steamer may seem boring, but I love this thing! Who needs an iron when you can just steam your clothes!  It is a quick and easy solution to wrinkles! (Garment Steamer)

  • Board Games: Many people think a wedding registry is just for household items such as dishes, however my family gave us the great idea to add some board games! It was one of my favorite wedding registry ideas and to my surprise, it was one of the most popular things people bought us!

  • Flower Vase: If you love getting flowers from your soon-to-be husband, you are going to need a flower vase!  I added a vase to our registry just to add some variety. Now I am glad I did because I have a spot to put my beautiful flowers! 
    (9.25-Inch Vase)

  • Picture Frames: As a photographer, I loved adding picture frames to our registries. I thought it was a great wedding registry idea! I knew I wanted to print a ton of our wedding photos for all over the house. Now I have enough frames for all of them! (Clip Photo Line)

  • Lamps: Lamps were definitely an afterthought for our registry. We thought, we have ceiling lights, so why would we need lamps! Boy, were we wrong! We now use lamps in the living room, bedroom, and office. It is so nice to be able to control the amount of light in each room by turning on the lamps instead of the main light! (Lamp Shade and Table Lamp)

  • Gift Cards: If you run out of wedding registry ideas, don’t worry!  A good amount of our guests gifted us with gift cards to our registry stores!  We used these gifts cards to buy things we thought of after the wedding. These items included furniture to fill our home. Our gift cards allowed us to buy bookcases, shelves, and storage units.  All great things we did not think to add to our registry!  (Buffet and Bookcase)

Wedding registries are a fun part of wedding planning, but don’t forget weddings are not about the gifts!  Many of our loved ones gifted us amazing things from our registry. Other loved ones gave gift cards that allowed us to furnish our home. Even more loved ones gave us sweet cards with beautiful notes inside. However, what we cherish the most is the amount of loved ones that took the time to join us on our wedding day. That means more to my husband and I than any wedding gift!

Alecs Kay Photography – Wedding Tips

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