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June 4, 2018

Harris Family – Capital Grounds

Bismarck Family Photographer

I have had the privilege this year to meet a handful of amazing NICU nurses and photograph their families!  These ladies make it their life work to help tiny babies grow and gain enough strength to go home with their loved ones. These nurses not only help babies at work, they all have babies at home! You may remember seeing Benjamin and Bennett’s one year sessions earlier this year.  This Capital Grounds family photography session not only featured an adorable little girl turning one, but also her three brothers!

I met the Harris family on a beautiful night on the North Dakota Capital Grounds. We played games, ran around, and even sat still for some photos.  These boys had a lot of energy, but nothing I can’t manage!

Oh, did I mention we snuck in some photos of just the gorgeous parents?

I love the little guy’s expression in this one. He is so tiny and was trying so hard to keep the family together for this photo!

Turning one can be hard sometimes…  But when you are this cute, you can scream about it all you want!

I love surprising parents when they think the session went horribly. Especially when they say to me, “I hope you got at least a few good ones…”

Look at this next set of photos and you’ll see that we got more than just a few good ones!

Remember parents, kids are meant to be kids!  We have to let them run around in circles and even sometimes refuse to take photos. But don’t worry! It always goes better than you think it did!

Can you believe this little peanut is almost one!?

Having three boys and a baby girl must make life hectic, but these hugs have to make it all worth it!

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