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Hello there! My name is Alecs and I am so excited that you found my blog! Now it's time to cuddle up with your favorite furry friend, mine is my cat Goof, and start reading! 


June 24, 2018

Our First Year of Marriage

My husband, Casey, and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary this weekend! We stayed home, played board games (and some video games) and ate the top tier of our wedding cake. In some ways our wedding feels like just yesterday, and other times it seems like years ago!

First Year of Marriage

Our First Year of Marriage

We find new ways to add more cheese to our favorite dinners.

We argue over board game rules and what episode we are on.

We make fun of the ridiculous noises the cat makes when he eats.

We go for walks and point everything we love and hate about houses in our neighborhood.

We spend hours at our own computers, doing our own thing, but enjoying sitting near to each other.

We keep the house cold so we can sit under blankets all day long.

We brag over who the cat chooses to lay when watching tv, sitting at our computers, and when it is bedtime.

We go to Krolls and a movie for date night.

We forget to water our plants, and hope they don’t die.

We buy cheese in bulk when it is on sale. (We really love cheese.)

We pass our sleeping cat back and forth to allow him to still sleep when one of us has to get up.

We make too much food for supper and eat leftovers at lunch for the rest of the week.

We spend hours in the car driving back and forth to see our families.

We rewatch The Office and Parks and Rec instead of finding new shows.

We play co-op video games because we are too competitive to play against each other.

We tell stories, we laugh, we enjoy every minute of being married.

First Year of Marriage

First Year of Marriage

First Year of Marriage

Wedding Photos by Brittney and Caleb


Year One of Marriage

Year Two of Marriage

Year Three of Marriage


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