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June 24, 2019

Year Two Of Marriage

It feels like just yesterday I was writing our one year anniversary blog post! I love going back and reading what we did in our first year. Since today is our two year anniversary, I thought it was time to make a list of another year of marriage!

Our Second Year of Marriage

We moved back to Fargo and bought a house.

We have board game nights with friends and family.

We (mostly Casey) moved a lot of snow throughout the winter.

We bought new bikes and explore the paths along the river.

We spent weeks guessing what plants where growing around our yard.

We make lists of house projects and still spend most nights watching TV.

We still go to Krolls and a movie for date night.

We spend hours biking/driving around playing Pokemon GO.

We put up a screen porch and our cat spends his time out there sleeping in the sun.

We bought Alexa dots to intercom each other across the house.

We spend more time telling Alexa to set timers and play loud music.

We have family over for dinner and have to stop ourselves from adding too much cheese.

We celebrated the births of our new niece and nephew!

We go to trivia on Friday nights with friends (and sometimes get close to winning!)

We love having a house and yard to make our own.

We still tell stories, we still laugh, we still enjoy every minute of being married.

Wedding Photos by Brittney and Caleb


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