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January 21, 2021

Fun Outfit Changes For Your Reception

Outfit Changes for your Wedding Reception – Fargo, ND

Congratulations, you are officially husband and wife!  Now it is time to head to your reception and dance the night away! Maybe your dance is in a warm barn loft full of your friends and family, or maybe in an air conditioned ballroom full of bright lights. Either way, the perfect wedding dress, veil, and high heel shoes you have been dreaming of may no longer be perfect for the party!  Your dapper groom in the full suit, tie, and new dress shoes may be more comfortable with a few less layers!  Here are my suggestions for some quick and easy outfit changes for your wedding reception to make celebrating your marriage even better!

Custom Jean Jacket

What better way to add some personality to your outfit than a custom jean jacket!  Jean jackets add a modern, edgy look to your wedding reception look while still showing off your beautiful wedding dress. You can either buy a new jean jacket or pull an old favorite out of your closet. A jean jacket is perfect for sunset photos or keeping you warm when you aren’t dancing the night away!

Take it one step further by having the back customized with your new last name!

Bride wears a jean jacket over her dress as her groom kisses her on her forehead

Soft White Sweater

If you are often cold, bring a beautiful and soft white sweater for your reception!  The light, neutral color will look amazing in photos and you will be warm all night long.  Just like the jean jacket, you can either buy a new sweater or pull your favorite sweater out of your closet!

Roll Up Your Sleeves

It’s not just the ladies who can do quick outfit changes! Once the dance starts, the guys can take off their jackets, roll up their sleeves, and enjoy the party! This works especially well when the groom is wearing a vest.  Rolled up dress shirt sleeves under a vest is a classic casual look!

A Fun New Dress

Whether you fell in love with two wedding dresses and have the budget to splurge on both, or just have the perfect dancing dress in your closet already, the biggest change you can do for your reception is putting on a new dress! Sometimes the idea of wearing the heavy ballgown into the night seems like too much, so bringing a second dress to change into may be a great option.

A bride dances in a shorter dress after her outfit change for her Fargo wedding reception

A Lace Overlay

This option is great for brides that are torn between a more traditional dress or something more modern.  Ask the bridal shop to see their lace overlay options and you can have the best of both worlds! The lace adds a romantic touch for your ceremony, and then when you are ready you can take off the lace and have a whole new look.

Bride and Groom smile at each other on the back of a boat in Detroit Lakes

Dancing Shoes

Bringing dancing shoes is one of my favorite suggestions for a quick reception outfit change!  Wearing formal shoes all day long can be a lot for your feet. Pack a pair of sandals, flats, tennis shoes, or whatever you are most comfortable in to change into during your reception. In most cases, your dress will be long enough that your guests will not even notice. Most bridal gowns have bustles as well, so you will not have to worry about tripping over your dress after you take off your heals.

This one is not just for the brides either!  Grooms can bring shoes to change into as well. A nice pair of tennis shoes will look great with your suit during the dance!

Photo Dress Shirt

I love the idea of a party dress shirt! This groom had photos on his dress shirt under his suit jacket. You could have crazy designs, fun photos, or even pictures of loves ones.  Another similar idea would be lining your suit jacket with photos instead! Both would work because the suit jacket covers them during the ceremony and all of the photos. Then you reveal the party shirt during the reception!

A groom wears a party shirt after his outfit change for his wedding reception

Pin Up Your Hair

Dancing and celebrating your marriage can get pretty warm especially if you have long hair! Once the dance starts most photos are done and it is just time to party. Don’t be afraid to pin up your hair or put it in a ponytail!  I actually put my hair in a ponytail during my reception because my long curls where making me way too warm. The ponytail was still curly and cute, but I was much more comfortable.

Take Out Your Veil

A veil is a beautiful addition to your wedding outfit, but it can also get in the way. A reception is full of dancing, hugging, and talking with guests. Veils can be pulled out in a hug or get caught while dancing. Taking off the veil will make you much more comfortable and save your hairstyle for a few more hours! It is one of the easiest outfit changes for your reception, but can make a huge difference for dancing.

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