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December 31, 2020

Best of 2020 – Alecs Kay Photography

Best of Alecs Kay Photography 2020

In perfect 2020 fashion, I waited until the evening of New Years Eve to finish my Best of Alecs Kay Photography 2020 blog post. Everyone knows that this year has been crazy, unpredictable, and just strange. I could write a whole blog post about it, but we all already know that!  So instead, let’s focus on everything amazing that happened this year instead. The biggest thing?  There were still weddings filled with love and celebration.

I was lucky enough to photograph church ceremonies, sunny outdoor weddings, first dances in family members back yards, bride and grooms along beautiful lakes, the amazing fall colors, supportive and fun bridal parties, and family members full of so much love. Every bride and groom I worked with this year celebrated their wedding not only as the day they became husband and wife, but as an achievement that they made it through the stress of going through plan A, plan B, plan C, and still needing another back-up plan before their wedding day.

There were masks, hand sanitizer, and tears as guest lists went from 250 guests down to 25. But there was also smiles, dancing, and happiness as each couple celebrate their marriage!  It was tough for some to split their ceremony and reception and plan a party for a later date, but that just means I get to celebrate with them twice!  Not to mention, the bride can wear their beautiful wedding dress again! I’ve never seen so many family members and friends pull together wedding day miracles. Whether it was last minute backyard venues or a parade of cars filled with loved ones. Every 2020 wedding was amazing for so many reasons.

I loved my 2017, 2018, and 2019 wedding seasons, but 2020 will be one I will never forget!

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