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September 3, 2021

Erica & Mark – Rustic Oaks

Rainy Wedding Day at Rustic Oaks – MN

Erica and Mark celebrate their marriage at their beautiful Rustic Oaks wedding.  This sweet couple actually got married at the courthouse on August 28, 2020, but decided to spend their first year of marriage planning their dream wedding! The forecast threatened rain all day, however when I arrived the rain had stopped, giving us plenty of time for photos!

Mark and Erica met at NDSU where they were both Resident Assistants in the same building. Mark was the 8th floor and Erica was on the 9th, so they were partnered up. They quickly realized they made a great team! They started dating and a few years later Mark proposed. Mark and Erica had gone to see the new Star Wars movie in theaters. When they returned Erica noticed a sticky note on her car. It was the start of a scavenger hunt!  The scavenger hunt took them throughout their apartment and lead to the Christmas tree. Hidden in the tree was a handmade wooden box, which held a gorgeous engagement ring. When Erica turned around, Mark was down on one knee asking her to marry him! Erica joking said no at first, but then of course she said yes!

Erica and Mark found so many unique ways to incorporate their love story in their wedding day. The biggest surprise was that Erica choose Star Wars music to walk down the aisle to!  It caused everyone to smile and laugh!  The music was such a great surprise and was perfect since their proposal story starts with watching a Star Wars movie!  Then, the box that Mark handmade for the proposal, held their rings and was sitting on the fireplace mantel during the ceremony. Throughout the ceremony and their vows, Erica and Mark weren’t afraid to put their personality into everything!  They laughed and cried together, and all their friends and family and laughed and cried with them. It was such an amazing way for them to celebrate one year of marriage.

Congratulations again Erica and Mark!

Getting Ready – The Homestead Inn

First Look – The Grounds of Rustic Oaks

Bride & Groom Photos – Rustic Oaks

Bridal Party – Rustic Oaks Field

Indoor Wedding Ceremony – Rustic Oaks

Wedding Reception – Rustic Oaks

Of course at the end of the night everyone was jokingly asking if this was how they planned to celebrate every year!  Because if that’s the case, they can’t even imagine how they will celebrate five, ten, or twenty-five years!

Bride & Groom Sunset Portraits – Rustic Oaks


Wedding Dress: Your Day by Nicole

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Reception Venue: Rustic Oaks

Caterer: MSUM Sodexo

DJ: Fuze Entertainment

Officiant: Officiant Amber


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