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August 30, 2021

Taylor & Reed – Lindenwood Park

Summer Engagement Session in Lindenwood Park – Fargo, ND

Engaged couple in maroon and animal print hug in front of a willow tree in Lindenwood Park

Reed and Taylor picked the perfect evening for their engagement session! We walked around Lindenwood Park in Fargo and found so many great spots for photos. Between the bridge and the willow trees, we had a great time walking through the park and enjoying the nice weather. When we stopped at the willow trees, Taylor said that she loves willow trees!  I am so glad they loved the idea of using the willow trees, because the sunlight was still coming over the hill and hitting the trees beautifully.

These two met in high school and were always in the same group of friends. Then one day they started dated and shocked all of their friends! It was definitely the right choice to start dating though, because now they are planning their dream wedding and spending time with their crazy dog, Billy.

I can’t wait for Reed and Taylor’s wedding next summer! They picked the beautiful Rustic Oaks for their venue, which is such a great choice. I loved hearing all about their wedding planning, their recent trip to Yellowstone, and even their favorite tv shows!  One of the best parts of engagement sessions is getting to chat while we walk between locations. It was so much fun getting to know these two and I know their wedding is going to be a blast!

Congratulations again Reed and Taylor! I will see you next summer!

White gold engagement ring rests against dark green leaves in Lindenwood Park

A woman in a green sweater smiles and holds hands with her fiance during their Engagement Session in Lindenwood Park

You can’t have an engagement session in Lindenwood Park without using the amazing flowers for a ring photo! The grounds crew at Lindenwood does a great job with these flowers all summer long. Even during a very dry summer, they are big and beautiful!

A couple in maroon and animal print walk during the park sidewalk while holding hands Engaged couple enjoy the sunset during their engagement session in Lindenwood Park

Are you newly engaged and planning the wedding of your dreams? Send me a message and we can chat all things wedding!


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