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August 21, 2019

Sarah & Tyler – Fergus Falls Farm

Rustic Family Farm Wedding in Fergus Falls

Sarah and Tyler’s rustic family farm wedding was one of the most unique weddings I have every photographed. I have been to family farms before, I have seen rustic decor, but I have never photographed a wedding where the bride was French!  Sarah’s English is great, but her family knew a lot less of the language. It was amazing to watch Tyler teach Sarah’s family English and learn French in order to communicate with them. Their wedding day was intimate and perfect for their relationship. The two sides of the family laughed, celebrated, and came together to support their love.

Sarah is from France and Tyler is from Fergus Falls, MN, yet somehow they met at a bar in Brussels, Belgium.  Tyler was having farewell dinner with his colleagues before leaving his post in Brussels. Tyler thought the server, Sarah, was cute and asked for her number. She declined, but instead took Tyler’s number. Their first date was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels the very next day. A few years later, Sarah was visiting Tyler for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. Tyler pulled her aside and showed her a ring.  Her reaction was all that he needed. She said yes.



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