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August 28, 2019

5 Guest Books That Your Guests Will Love!

Five Alternative Guest Books That Your Guests Will Love!

There are so many aspects of planning your wedding that will come and go no your wedding day. Table cloths, the DJ, even the food does not last beyond that one day. Your guest book, however, is part of your wedding day that you can look back on for years to come. Since this detail goes beyond just the wedding day, why not choose something unique and fun to have your guests sign!  You can go the traditional route and have everyone sign a blank book, but don’t forget about all of the other great alternative guest book options. Here are five alternative guest books that your guests will love!

1. Holiday Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments are a great option for your nontraditional guest book, especially if you are having a December wedding. Guest can leave sweet notes on the ornaments and every Christmas you can reread them while decorating the tree!  Ornaments can be very sentimental, so they are the perfect place to have notes from all of your loved ones!

Photo props for photo Alternative guest books

2. Photo Booth / Polaroid Pictures

From disposal cameras to cell phones, there have always been a way for guests to take fun photos at weddings. Why not keep all the photos to look back at on your anniversary!  Whether it is a photo booth with props or little Polaroid cameras, have your guests snap a photo of themselves and write a note on the back. Not only do you get notes from your loved ones, but you also get a photo of them on your wedding day!

3. Quilt

If you live in the Upper Midwest, you know how great quilts and blankets are for the long winter months. Just imagine cuddling under a warm quilt with your new husband and reading all the sweet notes from your wedding guests!  Quilts can be a little more work than some of the other options, but they are a great, practical keepsake that will last for years!  Like the over-sized initial, the quilt can be customize to match your future home decor!

Alternative guest books - Oversized Initial to be Signed

4. Over-sized Initial

For many, a big part of getting married is sharing a last name and a home together. You can celebrate both by having a giant initial for your guest to sign! A giant letter is a fun idea because you can customize it to me unique to you and your other half!  It can be wood, plastic, or metal, not to mention any color you want. It can be the start of your new home’s decoration and a fun way to remember your wedding day!

5. Game Pieces

If you love playing games, there is no better alternative guest book than game pieces! You can have your guests sign each part of Jenga, puzzle pieces, or two bean bag boards. (Also known as cornhole, sack toss, etc.) I love this idea because you will play these games for years!  Just think how great it would be to teach your kids how to play Jenga with pieces signed by your grandparents!

The options for alternative guest books are endless!  Anything your guests can sign can be a guest book. If you love music, you could have framed records to sign.  If you are having a beach wedding, ask your guest to leave a message in a bottle. If you are movie fanatics, create a movie poster for your wedding and have that signed!  There are so many options to pick from!

Like the guest book, wedding photography also last beyond your wedding day.  Contact me to book your wedding photography!

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