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May 22, 2019

Staying Cool During A Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding Tips – Fargo, ND

In North Dakota, we wait all winter to feel the warmth of a the summer sun. However, we quickly realize that summer can be actually quite hot! Between May and September, it can be anywhere from a cool 50 degrees to a very warm 100 degrees. Most people dream of a perfect sunny 75 degree wedding day, but the weather is much more unpredictable than that here in the upper midwest! If you are planning a summer wedding, especially an outdoor summer wedding, there are a few tips that will keep you and your guests cool throughout the day!

Umbrellas / Parasols

Umbrellas are an easy way to help keep guests cool on a sunny summer day. Whether that means handheld umbrellas or large standing umbrellas, your guests will be happy there is shade. Pay attention to the amount of sunlight that will hit your social hour location. If it will be in full sun, ask your venue about adding some large umbrellas for additional shade. Handheld umbrellas are also a good idea, but make sure they won’t block anyone’s view during the ceremony. Not all of your guests want to be in the sun for a long period of time, so keep in mind different ways to provide them shade!

Cool Drinks

Serving cool drinks is probably the most obvious way to keep cool during a summer wedding! Don’t be afraid to offer water before the ceremony for an outdoor ceremony. Then, you can have lemonaid and other options for the social hour and reception! Of course, don’t forget the ice to keep the drinks nice and cool!

Relaxed Dress Code

You don’t have to allow Hawaiian shirts and sandals, but you also don’t want your guests in floor length gowns and tuxes! To keep everyone comfortable, allow a more relaxed dress code. Summer dresses and short sleeved polos are the best option to keep your guests cool. They are more likely to dance and have a great time if they are cool and comfortable!

Handheld Fans

Now when I say handheld fans, I am not talking about the battery operated fans you can buy at a tourist shop and comes with a lanyard!  Look online for the perfect handheld fan for your guests. Between paper or wooden fans that fold, there are plenty of options to match your wedding day vision! If you are feeling extra creative, you can even make your programs into fans!  That will not only save you money, but will also be a fun touch to your ceremony!


Why not have the wedding favors at your wedding be sunglasses? They may not keep you cool temperature wise, but they will make a summer wedding more enjoyable. You can order them in bulk on party supply stores online too!  It is a great way to make sure everyone has the best view of your wedding ceremony! Make sure you talk to your bridal party about if they are allowed sunglasses during the ceremony. It will look a bit odd if only one groomsmen is rocking the sunglasses and no one else is!

Skip The Suit Jackets

Don’t forget about your bridal party when you are planning a summer wedding!  Weddings are already a long day for the bridal party, so make sure they are also comfortable in the warm weather.  Short dresses are a great option compared to floor length, and the groomsmen will look great even without jackets!  Consider letting the guys go with just dress shirts, or you could have them wear suspenders or vests.  Either why, your groomsmen will thank you!

Extra Blankets

You may remember this tip from my blog posts about staying warm during a winter wedding, however it is a great tip for summer weddings as well!  You never know if it’s going to be warm or cool for a summer wedding. If you plan to have both the ceremony and reception indoors, you won’t need any blankets! But, don’t forget that the weather may be closer to 50 degrees!  My wedding was at the end of June, but it was only 45 degrees and windy. We spent time planning umbrellas and cool drinks but we didn’t end up needing either!  Our guests would have preferred some extra blankets to stay warm.  Also keep in mind that, if you are having an outdoor reception, it starts to cool off after sunset.  Having a basket of extra blankets available will help keep your guests warm when they aren’t dancing!


Whether you are dreaming of a cozy winter wedding or a warm summer wedding, I love all weddings! Contact me today to see your wedding photography options!

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