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March 20, 2019

Staying Warm During A Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Tips – Fargo, ND

For some people, a winter wedding sounds like a cool relief to the usual scorching hot summers. However, in North Dakota, winter weddings usually mean a lot of snow, wind, and below zero temperatures!  A lot of couples still choose a chilly winter date though because schedules are less busy, some vendors cost less, and the weather is at least predictable!  Summer around here can mean very warm and sunny, humid and cloudy, or even cold and rainy. The winter is always cold and snowy though, so you can’t be too surprised with a winter wedding.

Even thought it’s cold and snowy, there are a few ways to stay warm during a winter wedding!

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are a quick and easy way to add some warmth to your winter wedding. If your ceremony is outside, offer hand warmers to all of your guests! Having an indoor ceremony?  You will still need hand warmers for the bridal party!  Unless there is a blizzard, you will want outdoor photos surrounded by snow. The guys can hide the hand warmers in their pockets and the girls can hold them around their bouquet.  Just make sure to open the hand warmers 10-15 minutes before going outside for photos. That way, they will be warm and ready to go!

Warm Leggings

One of my favorite ways to stay warm during a winter wedding is wearing leggings!  Most wedding dresses can easily hide leggings and they will keep you extra warm.  I highly recommend a pair of fleece lined leggings.  That is what I wear when I photograph winter weddings!  You could even gift a pair to your bridesmaids for the wedding. Again, with most bridesmaids’ dresses, you can’t even tell they are wearing leggings!

Winter Snow Boots

Similar to the leggings, all the girls should wear boots under their dresses instead of dress shoes. When you go outside to take photos, you want everyone’s feet to stay dry!  Then you can easily change back into dress shoes when it is time to go inside.  You may even consider having the guys wear winter boots as well. Sometimes their dress shoes are slippery, especially on snow!


From fur wraps to plaid blanket shawls, there are so many options to keep you and the bridesmaids warm! They also add a pop of color to your wedding day! Just make sure the wraps or shawls compliment your wedding colors for a cohesive look. These also make great gifts for your bridesmaids!

Hot Drinks

Hot chocolate, tea, and coffee are not only great for the bridal party, but will help warm up the guests as well!  Even if your wedding ceremony is indoors, the guests may still be chilled from coming in from the cold. Not to mention, there is nothing better on a cold winter day than sipping a warm drink!

Cute Earmuffs and Gloves

Since staying warm during a winter wedding can be hard in North Dakota and Minnesota, sometimes you need to bring out the earmuffs and gloves!  These can even been used in the photos since it is a cute way to remember how cold it really was on your wedding day. As long as the hat or earmuffs don’t mess up your hair, they are an easy thing to throw up to stay warm during photos or an outdoor ceremony!

Fireplace and Candles

Not all venues have fireplaces, but the ones that do are extra cozy in the winter! If the venue does not have a fireplace, extra candles for decoration will give the same affect. There is something about candle light that adds warmth and a bit of romance to the wedding decorations!

Extra Blankets

This is probably the easiest way to keep everyone warm if you are having an outdoor ceremony in the winter! Just set up a basket of blankets with a sign telling the guests to help themselves to a blanket. This is also a great idea for fall weddings in case the temperature is cooler than anticipated!

Whether you are dreaming of a cozy winter wedding or a warm summer wedding, I love all weddings! Contact me today to see your wedding photography options!

Alecs Kay Photography – Wedding Tips

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