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February 26, 2019

The Many Options For Wedding Dessert

Why Cake Is Not The Only Option for Wedding Dessert

Traditionally, when you think of wedding dessert, you think of cake!  Maybe it’s a huge cake that is cut to feed everyone, or a small cake for show and sheet cake in the kitchen.  Wedding cake is still a great option, but thanks to Pinterest, it is no longer the only dessert! Now you can find donuts, cupcakes, candy, and even cookies at wedding receptions.


Cupcakes is such a fun, easy alternative to cake. They are basically prepackaged cake that are already in single serving size!  You can skip the cutting  and serving fees, and have your guests help themselves. The biggest plus of cupcakes over cake?  You can have different flavors! You no longer have to decide between chocolate or strawberry lemon-aid. With cupcakes, you can have a handful of flavors and the guests can pick which ones they want!


If cupcakes still aren’t adventurous enough for you, donuts are a great option! Again, donuts are a good self-serve option that have a lot of flavors to choose from. You may have one flavor of cake, four flavors of cupcakes, but you can have as many kinds of donuts as you want! If donuts seem like too much, you can also go with donut holes. They are bite size and perfect for an after dinner sweet! With donuts, there is always something for everyone.


Weddings and candy seem like the perfect match to me!  You can have candy as favors or a candy bar for social hour. Candy can be purchased in bulk and lasts a lot longer before it needs to be eaten. That means you can take a bag of candy on your honeymoon to enjoy! If candy doesn’t seem fancy enough for your reception, you can always have a candy bar for social hour and serve dessert as well. There are so many options with candy since it can sit out longer than most desserts.


I might be biased, but this is my favorite option for wedding dessert. I love chocolate chip cookies, and love the idea of serving them as wedding dessert!  Unfortunately, I did not consider this an option for my wedding. But now, I have seen so many fun dessert ideas that cookies sound perfect!  You can serve cookies on a fun display, or go one step further and have a cookie cake made!  I saw a cookie cake online that was large cookies with frosting between each layer. That is my dream dessert!

Anything Is Possible!

All of these options may just seem like one more decision you have to make. However, this should be a fun part of your wedding planning! There are no longer strict rules on what guests expect for wedding dessert. You can cut a cake and serve cupcakes, have a mix of donuts and donut holes, or go even crazier and cut a cake, have a candy bar, and serve cookies! No matter what you decide to serve as dessert, your guests will be happy!  Everyone loves something sweet after dinner and before dancing the night away!

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The Many Options For Wedding Dessert


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