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April 3, 2019

Ten Things to Ask Your Wedding Photographer – Fargo, ND

Ten Things to Ask Your Wedding Photographer (And My Answers!)

Will You Be The One Photographing My Wedding?

Yes!  I am not part of a bigger company, so I shoot all of my weddings!  Trust is huge in a relationship between a couple and their wedding photographer.  You will be working with me from when you send the first email, until the final gallery is delivered after your wedding. You may meet one of my amazing second photographers the day of your wedding, but I still handle all of the important parts of your wedding day. Some couples contact me a few months before their wedding and some contact me over a year before. It doesn’t matter either way, I am there for you the entire time!

How Long Have You Been Photographing Weddings?

I photographed my first wedding in 2011!  That seems like it was so long ago now.  I had a family friend that was planning a small, intimate wedding and was willing to give me a shot! I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I loved every second of it. I quickly realized how much I love working with couples on their wedding days. There is something very special about joining their friends and family on the most important day of their lives. By the time I leave most weddings, I feel like a part of the family!  Since that first amazing wedding, I have continued to photograph weddings on my own and with other photographers. Every year I meet amazing new clients and continue to love every minute of it!

How Would You Describe Your Photography Style?

My style is light and airy with a pop of color. I love photos that stand the test of time and will still look amazing in 50 years when you are showing your grandchildren. My photos have natural skin tones and bring to life what your wedding day actually looked like. I love traditional portraits for grandma to hang on her wall, as well as fun, intimate portraits that show the love between the bride and groom. All of this brought together by candid photos of everyone enjoying the celebration. Providing my couples with a wide variety of photos that allow them to remember every amazing moment of their wedding day is one of my main goals!

How Would You Describe Your Working Style?

My working style is quick, efficient, with attention to detail! I know that no one likes to smile for photos all day long. I always try to work quickly and efficiently so you don’t even realize how long we have been taking photos!  It also allows me to get a greater variety of photos because I move so quickly. Even though I like to work quickly, I also pay attention to detail. We can capture a lot of great poses in only a few minutes, but I will always take a few extra seconds to adjust your dress train or fix the groom’s tie!  These are small things that only take a few seconds, but make a big impact in the final photos!

Do You Shoot Digitally or Film?

I always shoot digitally! I love digital photography for weddings because it allows for a lot of photos to be taken. Back before digital, most couples only got a handful of posed photos from their wedding day. Now, with digital cameras, there is no need to save film!  I will capture everything from getting ready photos, to bride and groom portraits, to your grandparents sharing a dance at your reception!  The sky is the limit with digital!

What Is All Included In Your Wedding Packages?

I have three different wedding packages that fit almost every type of wedding day!  All of my wedding packages include wedding day photography coverage, an online gallery of edited photos, and a printing release to print all of your favorite photos.  My eight and ten hour packages also include an engagement session!  Then, my ten hour package not only includes an engagement session, but also a second shoot for your wedding day.  Working with me also includes creating a custom timeline for you wedding day, answering any questions you may have through the entire process, and helping if you have any issues with downloading and printing the final photos!

Can We Request A List of Special Poses We Like? 

Yes!  I love to see poses you like!  I will send out a questionnaire a few weeks before your wedding where you can request poses and family groupings for photos. You can even send me a Pinterest board for inspiration!  For family groupings, I will make sure we get everything you want!  If you have a large family, sometimes we will need to do the large groupings during the reception. It is great to know ahead of time though for any special requests for family!  As for special poses, I love seeing what poses you like!  I will use them as inspiration for your wedding day portraits. I say inspiration because I want your wedding to be unique to you and your significant other! I will make sure to get a mix of traditional poses, your inspiration poses, and everything in between!

Will You Blog Our Wedding?

Of course! I love blogging wedding days for a lot of reasons. First of all, I always blog weddings with a week of the wedding day. That means within a week you will see over 100 of my favorite images from your big day. You can share the blog post with all of your family and friends as well!  I also love blogging because it shows my future clients what a wedding day with me looks like. You can head over to the blog before you book or while you are engaged and see all the weddings I am working. I also blog engagement sessions for the same reasons!

How Long After The Wedding Will We Receive The Full Gallery?

I deliver full wedding galleries with over 750 images within 4-6 weeks of the wedding day. The gallery will include all the edited photos from your wedding day!  I delete all the out of focus, duplicates, and if anyone has their eyes closed.  That means you get every moment from your wedding day! After 4-6 weeks you will be able to download the full gallery and pick your favorites to print and share on social media. Within two months of your wedding you can fill all of those photo frames you received as wedding gifts!

Will The Images Be Accessible Online?

Yes! I deliver all of my photo galleries online because it allows my clients to easily download, print, and share their fully gallery with all of their family and friends!  You can send the link to your mom who lives a few minutes away or your best friend in another state!  Everyone will be able to relive your wedding day with you!  I also keep my wedding galleries online for ten years. I always recommend downloading the galleries and saving them yourselves as well, but if something happens 5-8 years down the road, you can rest easy knowing you won’t lose your wedding photos.


I know these are not all the questions that come to mind when you are looking for your wedding photographer, but it’s a start! And I’m also willing to answer any other questions you may have, just send me a message here, and we can chat!

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