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February 17, 2021

The Perfect Wedding Day Veil

Wearing a Bridal Veil Even In Windy Fargo, ND

You found your dream dress, you know the perfect shoes to go with it, (or at least have ideas pinned to your Pinterest board) and even know exactly how you want your hair.  Now it’s time to decide, does your dream look include a veil?  A veil adds a beautiful softness to any bride’s look and sometimes it is the finishing touch that truly makes you feel like a bride. If you are on the fence about wearing a veil, here are some reasons why you should wear a veil, even in windy Fargo, ND!

The Perfect Wedding Veil

A veil adds a soft, romantic touch to your wedding day look. Nothing says bridal more than a wedding veil. It’s a very traditional piece of a bride’s attire that most people’s mothers, grandmothers, and great mothers all wore. The light, beautiful fabric creates soft edges around the bride and complements her amazing wedding dress!

There are so many different options for wedding veils that every bride can find the perfect veil for her wedding day look! Whether you want a short and sweet veil or a long flowing veil there is a veil for you! If you want something elegant and simple, or lace and beading that matches your dress, there are so many options!  The veil and wedding dress combinations are endless.

Photographers love veils because they create movement, help draw in your eye, and add detail to close up photos of rings and wedding invitations. When the Fargo wind works in our favorite, it can catch a veil and add the perfect amount of movement. A veil flowing across the photo help the photo pop. You will definitely want to print it extra large for your living room wall! Veils can also be used to create foreground or framing to bring all the attention right to the bride and groom. I even love using the veil before the bride puts it on!  It adds the perfect backdrop for bridal details such as rings and invitations.

Wearing a veil for your photos and ceremony, and then taking it off for your reception and sunset photos will give you two unique looks with a simple change! Veils can get caught during all the hugs, dancing, and celebration of the reception. Being able to wear a veil for the more traditional part of the day, and then taking it off when it’s time to celebrate is such a fun option!  I love how it changes up the brides look for the rest of the evening!

Did you already decide on wearing a bridal veil and found the perfect one?

Send me a message and we can chat! I would love to hear all about your wedding dress and veil!


Alecs Kay Photography is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Fargo, ND

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