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May 31, 2019

When He Proposed

A Story About My Husband and Myself – Part 2

Another question I ask every couple is how he proposed!  One of my favorite parts of getting to know my couples is hearing all the unique and romantic ways people pop the question. I love how my husband proposed and love telling the story!  If you haven’t read How We Met, head over there now to catch up!

Photo by Brittney and Caleb

In the winter of 2015, Casey graduated college and I still had a semester left.  We had been dating for almost six years at the time, and spent the years playing video games (always co-op unless we wanted to argue), getting frozen yogurt, and watching way too much TV. Since he graduated, it was time for Casey to find a job.  He ended up getting hired at a place four and half hours from Fargo, which is about nine episodes of the Office away.  We knew we wanted to get married, but we didn’t want to start our engagement when Casey lived so far away.

When Casey started his job, he wasn’t going to be able to come back to Fargo for almost a month. Thankfully, when he was coming back was also Valentine’s weekend, so we could have a date night together. That Friday, he texted me that he was on his way to town. After four and a half hours, he finally arrived!  I scooped up my cat and opened the door. Casey stepped inside and said, “I can’t wait any longer.” He dropped down on one knee and proposed!  (For anyone else obsessed with the Office, yes he proposed the same way Jim did, but with less rain and not at a gas station.)

Anyways, there I was, holding my cat, in the entry way of my parents’ house, completely surprised.  I said yes before I even realized he pulled out a ring!

I can be hard to surprise, so Casey actually left town an hour earlier than he said and went straight to the ring store. Because he left early, I never suspected a thing! It was simple, sweet, and so perfect for us.

Our engagement story isn’t as crazy or elaborate as some stories, but I love it just the same. Sometimes couples tell me their stories and start to defend it for being simple, but they shouldn’t worry!  I love hearing stories of park bench proposals, proposals over pizza, or proposals in your entryway while holding your cat. The simple stories show that love doesn’t need anything crazy or over the top. Love is crazy enough as it is!

A Story About My Husband and Myself

Part 1 – How We Met

Part 2 – When He Proposed


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