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December 23, 2021

Celestine & Nicolette – Cass County Courthouse

Snowy Winter Courthouse Wedding – Fargo, ND

Celestine and Nicolette planned a beautiful winter wedding ceremony at the Cass County Courthouse. Nicolette had a show-stopping dress on, and Celestine looked great in dark blue! They were such a sweet couple and couldn’t help but smile and laugh every second they were together. It was easy to see how much joy they bring each other!  Even though it was cold out, they were still having fun and loving every second of newlywed life!

I had photographed another winter courthouse wedding earlier in the week, and was expecting it to still be cold. However, it was much colder for Celestine and Nicolette!  The wind was blowing and we could only be outside for a short amount of time before having to take a break.  I love winter wedding photos, but it is always a challenge to balance taking amazing photos and making sure everyone’s fingers are staying warm!  Even with the cold wind, we were still able to take plenty of beautiful photos around the courthouse and in Lindenwood Park. You would never know the wind was crazy that day!

Congratulations again Celestine and Nicolette!

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