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December 30, 2021

Best of 2021 – Alecs Kay Photography

Best of 2021 – Alecs Kay Photography

This year has been another crazy year! Coming out of 2020, still in a pandemic, but now everyone is done waiting to get married!  During 2020, I read that a lot of people thought 2021 would be a wedding boom as the pandemic went away. However, it is now very apparent that 2022 is going to be the big wedding year!  Couples who have been waiting to get married are getting bunched up with newly engaged couples. I already have a full wedding season booked for next year and I can’t wait!  But first, it’s time to look back at my favorite photos from 2021.

2021 was full of so many amazing weddings. I got to work with new couples and I got to work with 2020 couples again as they finally had the chance to celebrate their marriage a year later!  There were farm weddings, ballroom weddings, courthouse weddings, and even lakeside weddings!  One thing every wedding had in common though was a beautiful love story between the bride and groom, as well as family and friends showing their love and support!  It was so much fun looking back at this year and picking my favorite photos. It’s always tough to narrow them down, but it’s a fun challenge! Enjoy looking through the best wedding photos of 2021!

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