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December 19, 2019

Ellen & Josh – Gooseberry Mound Park

Winter Wonderland Engagement Session – Moorhead, MN

There is nothing better than a winter wonderland engagement session full of powdery snow, hot chocolate, and cold North Dakota winds! Well, we probably could have done without the wind, but it was perfect otherwise. I met this lovely couple a few years ago through some mutual friends. We play board games, go to movies together, and sometimes even win trivia night! My husband and I love having friends that enjoy all the same things we do!

Ellen and Josh have the sweetest proposal story. They were sitting at home together and Josh asked Ellen to review his summer budget spreadsheet. Of course, Ellen loves spreadsheets and planning so she was happy to help!  At the bottom of the list was ‘engagement ring’ and when Ellen looked over at Josh he was proposing!  I always say that I love unique proposals and this one is definitely unique and perfect for their love story!

When we were planning this engagement session, it was back in August when the days were long and the sun was warm. As the date we picked got closer, the temperatures dropped and the snow began to fall. Those warm August days were gone and we were now looking at a 7 degree day with a windchill of zero degrees. I have photographed wedding days that were colder, but this was the coldest engagement session I have ever done! However, these two were ready for a cold adventure!  Gooseberry Park was perfect for this winter wonderland engagement session. The fresh snow was knee deep, but covered everything in a beautiful blanket of white.

I can’t wait for Ellen and Josh’s Duluth wedding next fall! Congrats again you two!

Sharing hot chocolate is the perfect way to stay warm!  Of course, the blanket also helps!

– The Color Swapping Jacket –

I love jackets, hats, and gloves for winter photos!  However, Ellen’s jacket made me think I was going crazy!  In person it was the perfect shade of olive green. It perfectly matched the green in Josh’s flannel shirt. However, when I was back home and looking through the photos, her jacket was suddenly brown!  Apparently it is the perfect shade of green/brown that changes depending on the light. I still love the jacket and brown looks amazing on Ellen. I just have never had a piece of clothing swap colors on me before!

Are you ready for some winter engagement photos? Or maybe summer sounds much nicer!  Send me a message and we can chat all things wedding!


Alecs Kay Photography is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Fargo, ND

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