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February 19, 2020

7 Meaningful Wedding Details To Carry With You

7 meaningful details to carry with you on your wedding day.

Your Mother’s Wedding Dress

Some brides are lucky enough to wear their mother’s wedding dress on their wedding day. However, sometimes that is not possible!  You can still bring a part of your mom, family tradition, and something unique along with you. Talk to your mom and see if you can have a piece of her wedding dress. Whether it’s beading, lace, or just a piece of the underskirt, you will be able to carry it with you down the aisle. Lace or beading would be a perfect addition to your bouquet or garter.

Photos Of Loved Ones

Sadly, some of our loved ones are no longer able to be there for our wedding day. A great way to include and remember them is with photos. Whether that is a photo table at the reception, or placing photos of them on chairs for the ceremony, there are plenty of ways to include them. One of my favorite ways to include photos of loved ones is with lockets you can carry with you. Brides’ can hang the lockets from their bouquets and grooms can carry the locket in their pockets. You will be able to keep these loved ones close to you throughout your big day.

A Note From Your Significant Other

Your wedding day is the day you get to marry the love of your life. It is the first day of your marriage and such an important step in your relationship. The perfect meaningful detail to carry with you is a note from your soon-to-be husband or wife. This could be as simple as a note on a folded piece of paper, or a little more thought out such as an embroidered handkerchief.

A Family Keepsake

Marriage is a tradition that holds a lot of importance in families. Carrying a family keepsake is a great way to continue the theme of family through your wedding. You could wear a family ring, carry a keepsake pocket watch, or dry your tears of joy with your grandfather’s handkerchief. This could also be your something borrowed for your wedding day, making it an even more meaningful detail to carry.

The Perfect Flowers

Your flowers are a great way to create a meaningful detail to carry with you!  You can pick your favorite flowers, the flowers your significant other gave you on your first date, or the same flowers your mother and grandmother carried down the aisle. There are so many ways to customize your bouquet to create the perfect detail!

Start Your Own Tradition

A meaningful detail does not have to have a storied past to be perfect for you. Buy those amazing earrings you have been looking at, splurge on that sparkly beaded belt for your dress, or have your husband pick out a unique pocket square or tie. These details may be new, but you can keep them for your children and grandchildren to start a new tradition. Who knows, those perfect earrings may be just what your daughter is looking for her wedding as well!

Unique Personal Detail

A meaningful detail doesn’t necessarily need to be sentimental! The other ideas on this list are sweet and intimate. However, another meaningful detail could be a nod to your favorite hobby, tv show, or anything else you love!  I carried a small camera charm on my bouquet since I am a photographer and my husband had transformer cuff-links since he is a transformer fanatic! Small details like these are the perfect way to let your personality shine.

Need help finding those perfectly meaningful wedding details?  Contact me and I would love to help!

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