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February 27, 2020

Kayla & Jacob – Gooseberry Mound Park

Sunny Winter Engagement Session – Moorhead, MN

Engaged couple in pale blue and cream hold onto each other in a snowy park

These two had the perfect sunny winter engagement session. It was just above freezing, which means the air felt warm but the snow wasn’t too slushy!  We met at Gooseberry Mound Park to take advantage of the green pine trees and the bridge connecting the park to Lindenwood. The winter sun in North Dakota provides a soft glow through the trees, reflecting back off of the snow. I may complain about the winters in our area, but they can be really quite beautiful!

We had originally planned this engagement session a week earlier, but when the forecast showed 35 degrees for the following weekend we changed our minds. I am so thankful that Kayla and Jacob were flexible and could switch dates. We went from a windy and cold 18 degree day, to a windy and warm 38 degree day!  Those 20 degrees make all the difference when you are out without a jacket!

Another plus of the warmer weather was that we could take our time and chat between photos. Kayla and Jacob are a really sweet, hardworking couple. They met a few years ago on a night when Ribfest was cancelled due to weather. Jacob ended up where Kayla works and saw her talking to some elderly regulars. He walked up and started a conversation, assuming the customers were her grandparents!  I think that is a pretty good icebreaker even if they weren’t her grandparents!  Obviously it worked, because now Kayla and Jacob are planning their dream wedding.

I can’t wait for their wedding this August! Congrats again you two!

A tall man in blue and his redhead fiancee hold hands and smile on the Lindenwood bridge in Fargo

A black and white portrait of an engaged couple shows off the girls eyes

A redhead smiles up to her fiance during their sunny winter engagement session

Are you ready for some winter engagement photos? Or maybe summer sounds much nicer!  Send me a message and we can chat all things wedding!

Here is another winter engagement session in Gooseberry Mound Park – Moorhead, MN


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