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December 26, 2019

Best of 2019 – Alecs Kay Photography

Best of Alecs Kay Photography 2019

It’s that time of year again! I love putting together my best of blog post and looking back at my 2018 and 2017 best of blog posts as well. This year, I have had so many amazing clients! It really makes my job of narrowing down my favorites difficult. Every photo has a story behind it, and I love remembering each and every moment! This year has been packed full of weddings, engagement sessions, family photos, and some high school senior sessions.  I decided to limit my best of post to just weddings and engagements, because otherwise it would be nearly impossible to narrow down the images!

When I look back over this year, I love seeing all of the different weddings I had the honor of photographing. From a wedding at the zoo, to family farms, to a large wedding at the Avalon, there was a little bit of everything in 2019!  I love how each wedding day has its own challenges, its own love story, and its own unique moments to fill up the day. When I look through these 2019 images I see so many loving couples. My dream job would not be possible without all of these couples who help fill my camera with amazing photos! I hope you enjoy looking back over 2019 as much as I do.

Here are my 100 favorite photos for 2019!

This ring pops perfectly against the pale greens of the bridal bouquet!

Kirsten and Kevin win the award for bravest couple of 2019!  The sun was shining, but it was also below zero outside and bitterly cold. These two braved the cold with me and we got some amazing winter portraits outside!  I love her purple shawl and the speckles of color in the trees behind them.

When you leave your home-state for school and end up meeting the love of your life, you need a photo to remember the city by!

Sarah and Tyler had such a sweet first look! They were shaded from the sun under a tree at Tyler’s parents house. Their wedding was intimate and very sweet!

Look at how happy these ladies are! We may have had to block the walkway at the zoo for this photo, but the light was too perfect!

Bryn and Tyler had a similar photo to start out the Best of 2018 blog post last year. They rocked their engagement session, and then came back and did the same for their wedding day!  Bryn’s eyes always pop in black and white, so I always jump at the chance to showcase them!

When the rain cleared and the sun came out, we left the party for just a few minutes and I am so glad we did!  I love this Downtown Fargo alleyway with the ivy covered walls.

This bride had a glamorous wedding day with glamorous details to match!

Many times reception halls are dark and it takes some magic with flash to make the images pop. Thankfully, this venue had a large window right next to the cake table. Aimee and Andrew’s energy did the rest and this is my favorite reception photo of 2019!

These smiles show just how happy this couple is to be married!

I had a few minutes during the social hour to grab some detail photos. I decided to use the wedding program as the background and I love the way it turned out! The dusty blue color really makes the ring shine!

The bridal suite may have been a bit tight with this big of a train, but we had to get a photo of it in all of its glory! I absolutely LOVE big wedding dress trains!

Danica and Logan had the most amazing sunset to end their wedding day with!  We were enjoying the reception when I looked over and saw the light through the trees. Thankfully, they were more than willing to leave the party and grab a few photos!

I would never have thought to mix bold reds with pale pinks, but this wedding day did just that! And looked amazing doing it!!  I love the mix of colors and the pale pink bridesmaid dresses!

Sunny winter days typically means it is really cold!  However, the winter sunshine is perfect for bride and groom portraits!  Stacy even had the perfect faux fur wrap to keep her warm and add a pop of color!

Saundra and Michael are just the sweetest!  I love the lace detail on the side of her wedding dress!

Detail shots are my favorite!  They always give me so much inspiration at the start of a wedding day!

These groomsmen look like they came straight off of a magazine. They were a fun, goofy bunch but thankfully they were also willing to look extra dapper in this photo!

First looks are one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. Every first look is unique to each couple.  It is amazing to watch my couples soak in every moment of their first look.

For this ring shot I wanted some extra sparkle. Thankfully the ring not only matched the brides purse, but the crystals on the purse also created the perfect background!

Even in the springtime, it’s important to find some greenery for photos!


Krista had the perfect dress for twirling, so when we had a break in photos I had her twirl! Twirling really showed off all the layers of her beautiful wedding dress!

One of my goals for every wedding I photograph is to get a beautiful wide shot of the couple. The leaves on this tree made my wide shot dreams come true!

I may have already mentioned it, but it was cold during this wedding! That bit of fog in the air was from the couple’s breath.

I love how soft and romantic this portrait is. We found a great spot tucked between a few evergreens and a park bench. The bench was tough to work around, but it also gave me some extra height for this portrait!

Can every wedding have perfect bouquets like these? I love the addition of the succulents in these flowers.

Black and white portraits are perfect to showcase emotion and all the beautiful details of the wedding dress.

This couple had a family friend bring their dog for photos. She sat perfectly even with rabbits running around the park!

I am always looking for white backgrounds for detail photos. Both of these shots were taken with the dress and veil as the background!

I really wanted to use this large patio for bridal party photos for a few reasons. First of all, it was close to the door because it was freezing out, secondly, the reflection in the windows was amazing, and lastly, the background was perfect for their lodge wedding!

Erica spotted these trees with the perfect fall color earlier in the week. Even better, they were protected from the wind so they were the perfect photo location.

Stacy and Dan were my last wedding of 2018 and missed my last post by just a few days!  Therefore, they were added to 2019 instead!  They are coming up on their one year anniversary as well!

Struggling to find a way to include something blue in your bridal details? How about a perfect Mrs. heart inside of your shoes!

Ian and Kaylen had a crazy start to their wedding day, but they had such a great bridal party there to support them. They danced and waited out the rain, and still had plenty of energy for bridal party photos!

Sometimes a beautiful location can be difficult for photographers because of harsh sunlight. In those cases, I love close-up, romantic portraits to take advantage of the even light we can find!

Erica and Derek lucked out and not only had the perfect fall colors, but also a nice warm day for their fall wedding!

This bride wasn’t afraid to keep her ears warm for photos. Who knew that earmuffs would be the perfect winter wedding accessory?

Sometimes a quiet moment under a tree is just what a couple needs before the chaos of the wedding day starts!

Thankfully the Sanctuary Event Center cleared the sidewalks before this wedding!  We had a snow storm just a few days before and got a lot of snow. We needed somewhere for a large group where their feet would stay dry!

The veil and bouquet are always the perfect backdrop for bridal details!

We only had a few minutes before dinner was being served, but I am so glad we found this pretty spot for a few photos!  The Red River Zoo turned out to be such an amazing venue!

Working with a videographer always creates new and unique photos! Videographers need movement so there is a lot of focus on the veil and interactions between the couple.  I love this photo I got while the videographer was hard at work!

I still have openings in 2020 for more beautiful weddings!  Contact me today!

Alecs Kay Photography is a Portrait & Wedding Photographer in Fargo, ND

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