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November 15, 2021

Danielle & Nathaniel – Orchard Glen Park

Colorful Fall Engagement Session at Orchard Glen Park

This entire weekend of engagement sessions had to deal with a rainy weather forecast!  Danielle and Nathaniel had already rescheduled their session once when it ended up raining on their original session date.  After a summer with no rain, it was strange to see so much rain in the first few weeks of fall!  After picking a backup date, we hoped for no rain. Then the night before it looked like rain all day, but with a break long enough for photos!  Thankfully the forecast was correct and besides a slight sprinkle, we stayed dry.

Danielle and Nathaniel picked Orchard Glen Park for their engagement session which was perfect! The fall colors were amazing and the rain earlier in the day made everything nice and green. Orchard Glen is a large park and we had a great time walking between photo locations and talking. They had also brought their dog along who was anxiously waiting in the car with Danielle’s mom! He was definitely ready to join in on the fun.

After plenty of photos in the park, we walked back to the car to get their pup and a bottle of champagne!  Danielle and Nathaniel came prepared to have some fun.  They made a sign for their dog and he sat perfectly still for a few photos before letting us know it was time to take the sign off! Then, they popped the champagne to celebrate their engagement. We ended the session with an amazing pose Danielle had wanted which was perfect for them. Nathaniel threw Danielle over his shoulder and started walking away with her while Danielle showed off her ring!  These two are a very fun couple, so it was the perfect way to end their photo session!

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