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June 21, 2019

Real vs Silk Wedding Flowers

Pros and Cons of Silk Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers have always been one of the most important wedding day details.  From bridal bouquets to reception center pieces, flowers take center stage in most wedding decorating! Some bride’s have a clear idea of what they want for flowers, but others are less sure. The decision on flowers may seem difficult enough, but don’t forget that silk flowers are also a great option. I have seen so many great silk bridal bouquets that you can’t even tell aren’t real!

Here are a few pros and cons of silk flowers to make your decision easier!

Pros of Silk Wedding Flowers

  • Light and Easy to Hold
    • One of the current trends for bridal flowers are large bouquets with a lot of cascading flowers. These bouquets are beautiful, but they can be very heavy!  You may not realize it until you wedding day, but you will be holding the bouquet for all of the photos and through the ceremony. That means if it is too heavy after 15 minutes, it will be way too heavy for a few hours!  Silk flowers can be used in large bouquets to make them easier to hold throughout the day
  • Silk Flowers Don’t Wilt
    • There is always a concern with real flowers lasting through the day. Both the heat in the summer, and the cold in the winter, can cause the flowers to wilt early in the day. Not to mention the North Dakota wind blowing petals away all year around. Silk flowers are more durable and aren’t hurt by extreme temperatures and wind!
  • They Last Forever
    • If you are sentimental and plan to keep your flowers, both real or silk flowers will be around 25 years later. However, your silk flower bouquet will look the same as your wedding day.  Real flowers can last until your 25th anniversary, but they will be dried and lose most of their beauty.
  • Never Out of Season
    • One of the great things about silk flowers is that they are never out of season!  If you want a spring flower in winter or a fall flower in the summer, silk flowers are always available. If you are looking for an out of season flower, silk flowers will be much easier to find than the real ones.
  • Don’t Need Water
    • This is a huge plus of silk flowers! Because they are fake, silk flowers do not need to be kept in water. That makes them much easier to transport because you don’t need vases full of water to keep them alive. Silk flowers are always ready to go and are never wet!
  • No Allergies
    • My allergies were the main reason I decided to go with silk flowers at my own wedding.  I didn’t want to be sneezing all day long and have Kleenexes tucked wherever I could. Silk flowers look real without the allergens that make people sneeze!

Cons of Silk Wedding Flowers

  • Can Be Expensive
    • Often I hear brides talk about using silk flowers to save money. However, they can be just as expensive as real flowers, especially if you are doing them yourself. It is hard to budget silk flowers if you are making them. You may pay a certain amount originally, but then realize you need more supplies. By the time you are done, you have paid almost the same as the real flowers plus the amount of work you put in. There are some businesses that offer silk flowers, but again they are not much less expensive than the real flowers.
  • No Flowery Smell
    • If part of your flower filled wedding dream includes the flower smells, you will need to go with real flowers.  There are scents that can be used on silk flowers to make them smell real, but they will never compare to the smell of fresh flowers!
  • Silk Flowers Aren’t Real
    • This is the biggest drawback for silk flowers. No matter how real the silk flowers look, they still aren’t real flowers!  No matter how much they look like real flowers, they will never feel and smell like real flowers. Make sure to keep that in mind when you are deciding between real and silk flowers!


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