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April 15, 2020

Wedding Event Rentals – Fargo, ND

Does Your Wedding Need Event Rentals?

Fargo, ND

Have you found the perfect wedding venue but have no idea how you want to decorate it?  Or maybe you have a gorgeous vision but no way to execute it perfectly?  Sounds like it’s time to hire an event rentals service!    I have seen venues completely transformed into a show stopping space by event rentals. From chairs, to napkins, to amazing backdrops, there are so many options to customize your wedding day!

A huge thank you to The Event Company in Fargo for answering some event rental questions!

Event Rentals: Courtyard by Marriott

1.     Why should a couple hire a wedding rental service?

​There’s so many great reasons I feel like bringing in a design/rental service can be beneficial. The one I find the most applicable to every event is the fact that you can trust us to come in and get the job done and then be there to bring it back to its original state when it is over. We allow you and your family/friends to not have to worry about any setting up, tearing down or finding the right products to fit your wedding. We streamline it all for you to make it an enjoyable experience!

2.     How can wedding rentals transform a venue?

​Our area has such a great variety of venues, but they all offer different qualities or benefits. We love coming into a space and seeing how we can compliment the existing venue and accentuate the parts you love and dim down the parts you might not love.

3.     What if a couple does not know what they want?

​This is super common. Not every couple comes into a design meeting knowing exactly what they want. I find it best to just talk through each piece of the wedding with them to get their overall feel. Once we do that putting a mood-board together for them really helps them narrow their vision so we can all be on the same page and you can ensure you are getting your vision fulfilled!

4.     Where should a couple go to for inspiration?

​Honestly… all over! Obviously, Pinterest and Instagram are the big ones that people most often gravitate towards. I love going to places like Barnes and Noble and just looking through various books or magazines. They don’t even have to be wedding centered, but maybe there is a floral magazine or a home decor book that even a single photo can inspire an idea for your wedding.

5.     How far in advance should a couple look into rental services?

​This definitely varies from person to person. Sometimes a lot of people don’t even think of hiring a rental company until later down the line. I suggest contacting your rental company once you are done choosing your date and venue. Even if we just start with a preliminary design meeting and build from there it definitely is beneficial for everyone to start working together earlier in the process.

6.     What questions should a couple ask before hiring a rental service?

​See what your venue has to offer. I know in the area there are some venues who might provide some decor in your package. If that is the case I would find out what they can offer and then we can build on that.

Wedding Rentals by The Event Company

8.     Why is hiring a professional better than DIY?

​I hate saying one is better than the other. Some couples love being creative and physically bringing the vision to life that day. We offer DIY options for our more hands on couples that allows us to provide you the items and then you can use it and set it up yourself and just return the items when the wedding is over. Some couples would prefer to just work together on designing it and then have us there that day to bring it to fruition. Either way works well for any style couple and we are happy to help in either circumstance!

9.     What is your favorite decor option for a wedding reception?

​I would have to say either a colored napkin or our backdrops! Adding a colored napkin is one of my favorite ways to help pull through one of the couples colors they want incorporated, but in not so over the top way. Our backdrops are great for any wedding because they are able to be customized to fit each couple. We can adjust the fabric or the lighting to completely transform them from one wedding to another. Whether it is behind your head-table or accenting your dessert table they are always a fun statement piece for the wedding!

The Event Company


Are you feeling inspired and ready to book some vendors?  Contact me and I would love to discuss your wedding photography!

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