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January 15, 2020

Outfit Guide For The Perfect Engagement Session

What To Wear For Your Fargo Engagement Session

Picking out the perfect outfits for an engagement session is always difficult!  There are so many things to keep in mind including the weather, your skin tones, and how the outfit may photograph. Thankfully, there are a few universal tips that can help you pick the best outfit for your engagement photos. Here is my outfit guide for engagement sessions!

Outfit Guide for Engagement Session

I always recommend bringing two outfits to your engagement session. Two outfits will give the session some great variety! Your two outfits can be anything you like, but most couples go with a more formal outfit and a casual one. Although an engagement session is the perfect excuse to dress up, don’t feel pressured to wear anything too formal, because every couple is a little different. For my husband, formal and casual just meant long sleeves with jeans and short sleeves with jeans!

For colors, neutrals always photograph softer and create extra romantic images!  Try to build from blush, tan, dusty blue, creams, grays, and whites. These colors are great for photos!

Although neutrals are great, you will want to coordinate your outfits, not match with your other half. If you both wear solid grey tops, there will not be enough contrast to make your photos pop!

Patterns are a lot of fun, but avoid any patterns smaller than a dime. The camera doesn’t like these patterns and it always creates weird effects when photographed.

For guys, go for closed-toed shoes, and avoid graphic tees or tennis shoes.  You can elevate your outfit just buy putting on a nice pair of shoes!

For ladies, pick something you are truly confident in and flatter the parts of you that you love the most. If you are already pulling and adjusting your outfit before you leave the house, it probably isn’t the best option!

Dress for the weather!  Fargo-Moorhead is perfect for engagement sessions; however you need to know what the weather is going to be like! You will look and feel a lot more comfortable if you are not overheating or freezing. Summer is the perfect time for beautiful flowing dresses. Fall is when you should break out the sweaters and scarves. Winter photos look great even with boots and nice jackets!

Bonus Tip: Clean your engagement ring! Your ring will get its 15 minutes of fame during our session, so make sure it is nice and shiny! My macro lens will make your ring look perfect, but it also shows off smudges, hairs, and anything else that can get stuck to a ring!

Since reading an outfit guide for engagement session only helps so much, here are some of my favorite outfits my couples have worn!

After reading my outfit guide for engagement sessions, are you ready for your photos?  Contact me and I would love to help!

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