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December 11, 2019

Behind The Scenes – 2019

Behind the Scenes 2019 – Alecs Kay Photography

I love seeing behind the scenes of movies, weddings, restaurants, or anything really! It is always fun to see how things are created and how people work. I have wanted to do a behind the scenes post in the past, but I am usually guilty of getting too caught up in the wedding day to get behind the scenes photos!  Thankfully this year I have enough behind the scenes to let everyone in on the fun.

Of course I have photos of myself fluffing wedding dresses and veils!  Not only does a bride want to look her best on her wedding day, but she also put a lot of time and though into her dress. It’s important to me that the dress looks amazing in every photo. Even if that means taking the extra time to spread the train out or wrangle the veil in the wind! Also, don’t mind the propane tank and little red wagon. Sometimes our usable picture-perfect spaces are pretty tight!

I love the flowers girl’s basket is still right where she dropped it!

Winter weddings always look beautiful, but they are actually really cold!  These two winter weddings competed with each other to see who would be colder. The first was -15 degrees below zero and the second was closer to -30 degrees below zero! That means plenty of hats, jackets, and gloves between photos!

For anyone who is curious, fleece lined leggings are the secret to wearing a dress to a winter wedding!

My mom was my assistant for this wedding, which was great because she was willing to run through the snow to get out of the photo!

Thankfully I wasn’t in the background during the entire first look! Coordinating two photos during a first look is tougher than it looks!

These ladies were amazing even out in the below zero temperatures!

Time to spot the photographer!

Heading towards that perfect sunset light!

I love having help for my weddings and helping other photographers for their weddings! My mom helped me with a cold, winter wedding at the very end of last year. We photographing details in the reception space when a wedding guest offered to take our photo!

Tomi Dawn Photo setting up the perfect photo! It’s always great working with a photographer who has a different style!

Ruth Susanna Photography came up to Minnesota to photograph another family members wedding. I love getting to work with her again!

Amber Langerud Photography ending the night with the perfect beach sunset photos!

And of course, my favorite assistant, my nephew Benjamin!  When we were doing their holiday photos this year, he sat on my lap and wanted to help take photos! I think he can be my future second photographer for weddings!

Now my favorite behind the scene photos. Sometimes I need someone to stand in for the couple while I get my settings right. If my husband is around, he usually gets pulled in to help. However, my husband hates photos! Here is what I get as a result:

Ready to be in front of the camera?  Contact me and I would love to get to know you!

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