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June 24, 2021

Year Four of Marriage

Year Four of Marriage

My husband and I are celebrating our forth wedding anniversary! Another year has flown by and we are excited to go out to eat to celebrate!  I love making these blog posts every year and then going back and reading them. It can be easy to forget all the little things in life, so here are some of the fun things we did this year!

We grew to love picking up dinner and eating it at home.

We were still excited to finally eat at a restaurant again.

We got jealous when the cat chose to lay with one person and not the other.

We spent long hours sitting next to each other editing photos and playing video games.

We spent the holidays with our families after missing too many holidays last year.

We caravaned with friends and talked on speaker phone the whole way.

We celebrated our friends wedding and danced until the end of the night.

We ate lunch together almost everyday while Casey worked from home.

We planned a last minute trip to the Pacific Northwest.

We hiked up mountains, walked through the rainforest, took pictures of water falls, and enjoyed all of the beaches.

We moved the home office around the house just so let Casey have a change of scenery while working from home.

We started board game night with our friends again.

We had to cancel board game nights again, then started up again.

We celebrated birthdays with our sweet niece and nephews.

We plugged more lamps and fans into smart plugs so we can turn them on/off from the couch.

We continued to eat too much cheese and add it to every dish.

We hugged family we hadn’t seen in over a year.

We went for walks just to find the prettiest flowering trees

We watched way too much tv.

We watched even more tv after learning our phones could cast to the tv.

We visited friends and stayed up late talking and laughing.

We planted more grass, watered it daily, and then still look out and see dead patches.

We still go for walks around the neighborhood and look at all the houses we love.

We spent time together, we laughed, we enjoyed another year of marriage.


Wedding Photos by Brittney and Caleb


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