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April 21, 2021

Do’s and Don’ts of a Wedding Party Bus

Wedding Party Bus – Fargo, ND

A wedding party bus is a great way to get your entire bridal party from the ceremony to the reception, while also allowing the party to continue!  There are so many advantages to renting a wedding party bus. Everyone gets to ride together without the headache of figuring out ride sharing. You get to celebrate being newly married with your closest friends right away! You can also have the bus take you to your favorite bar for drinks or your grand parents farm for some just married photos.

Riding the party bus after your ceremony might be a part of your wedding day you just can’t wait for, however, there are some simple tips that will make sure you experience is everything you dreamed of!


  • Pack plenty of snacks and water
    • Everyone remembers to bring drinks for the bus, but don’t forget snacks and water!  Wedding days can be long and you will be surprised how hungry you are after your ceremony. A few snacks on the bus will make everyone happy until you reach your reception and dinner is served.
  • Make a plan on where you want to stop and for roughly how long
    • Come up with the plan before getting on the party bus. Keep in mind what time you want to be at your reception, and how long it takes to travel there, and then plan out your party bus schedule. Let your bridal party know how long each stop will be as well. If you want to stop at your favorite bar for only five minutes and one drink, let everyone know it is a quick stop otherwise hungry groomsmen might start ordering appetizers!
  • Let everyone who is invited know and if plus one’s can come
    • Avoid any awkward conversations after your ceremony by making it clear to your group in advance who all is invited on the party bus. If there is room for plus one’s, let them know! However, if you only have room for the bridal party, let them know that as well. Having everyone on the same page will also help the bus leave on time if everyone knows who is getting on the bus and what time it is leaving.
  • Make a music plan
    • Make playlist, or assign the task to someone else. You want the party to start right away, so make sure the music is ready!  Have your group make a playlist, or make a playlist with your future spouse. Then hand off the playlist to someone else to make sure the music is ready to go. You should also check to see how to play music on the bus before getting on. Ask your party bus company or driver how to hook into the speakers. Sometimes there is a cord to easily plug in to and other times you need to set up the Bluetooth.
  • Have a bridesmaid or your personal attendant grab your bag, phone, or anything you need
    • Leaving your ceremony and getting on the party bus can be kind of hectic!  You will be busy chatting with guests and enjoying being newly married. Let your maid of honor or personal attendant know what you need on the bus so that nothing is missed!


  • Tell your bus driver where to go without having the addresses ready
    • Your bus driver will need to know where you want to stop and might need the addresses as well.  Instead of yelling over the music, have someone who is sitting near the driver let them know where to go. Having a plan beforehand will make this a lot easier!
  • Leave photo stops for the end of the trip
    • I love when couples want to make an extra stop for some fun photos! Either just the couple can hop out of the bus for some photos or the entire bridal party can come with. Either way, I suggest planning the photos towards the beginning of the trip. Once the photos are done, everyone can relax and have a few drinks!
  • Over plan your trip with too many stops
    • You don’t want to be jumping on and off the bus the entire trip!  Narrow down the stops you want and make sure everything fits in your timeline! You also don’t want to be late for your reception, which can happen if you try to pack in too many stops in.
  • Forget to keep your vendors in the loop
    • Bring your photographer and videographer and they can help capture all the fun! Let your Wedding Planner and DJ know when you are arriving at the reception. That way they will have everything ready for your grand entrance!  If you do end up running late, make sure your caterer knows to hold supper!  Your wedding planner can also help with this, so have their cell number ready in case you need them!
  • Celebrate too hard before going to your reception
    • A party bus is a lot of fun, especially because you will be newly married!  However, make sure you don’t celebrate too hard before your reception. Your reception is full of your family and friends who will be sitting at nice tables and chatting while they wait for you to arrive. You will want to be able to pause the party and enjoy a nice dinner with everyone before dancing the night away!

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  1. I love how you stated that a great way to get transport your wedding party to the reception is by wedding bus. My sister is getting married in a few months. I will suggest that she hire a wedding bus for transportation.

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