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May 5, 2021

Tips for Trying on Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Shopping – Fargo, ND

Wedding dress shopping can be an exciting, but stressful part of your wedding planning!  Maybe you have dreamed of your perfect dress since you were little or maybe you have no idea what you want to wear!  Either way, finding the perfect dress can make you truly feel like a bride! Here are my tips for wedding dress shopping!

1. Consider taking a smaller group with when you try on wedding dresses. With too many people, it can be overwhelming with so many opinions! I would suggest bringing only 2-3 people. Then you could always bring more people at a later date to show off the dress you ended up picking! That way no one is left out, but you won’t get too overwhelmed.

2. Set a budget.  Once you know your budget, do not try on anything that is over that budget. Once you try an over-budget dress on, it will be harder to stick to your budget.  Tell your stylist that you need to stay under a certain number and keep in mind if that amount has to include alterations and accessories as well.

3. Come with inspiration.  You don’t want to limit your options and rule out styles, but it helps the stylist if you have a place to start. They will go off of your inspiration and you can quickly find out if that is the type of dress you love or if you need to try something different. Besides general styles, let the stylist know if you love lace, or maybe want to avoid sparkles. Or even if sleeves are a must-have!

4. Keep an open mind. Bring your inspiration, but don’t get frustrated if you aren’t loving that style once you try it on. You may pin 100 ballgowns on your Pinterest board, but then fall in love with a mermaid style dress instead!  Keep an open mind to the stylists suggestions if the current style isn’t exactly what you want.

5. Wear similar undergarments to what you might wear on your wedding day. Bring shapewear or whatever you might want to wear on your wedding day when trying on dresses. It will make it a lot easier to see what the dress will look like on your wedding day!

6. Grab a pair of heels! The same idea to the undergarments, you will want to bring heels with if you plan to wear heels on your wedding day. Similar heels to what you plan to wear on your wedding day, will help you see the entire outfit put together.

7. Consider if you will be wearing a veil or not.  A lot of wedding dresses these days have a ton of detail on the back. Consider if you want a heavily detailed back and train and whether your veil will compliment the dress or hide the beautiful details.

8. Don’t go before lunch or dinner. I wouldn’t suggest wedding dress shopping on an empty stomach or after a stressful day at the office. Finding the right dress can be a lot of work and you want to be able to enjoy every moment! If you are focusing on your hungry stomach, you won’t be focusing as much on finding the dress!

8. Lastly, have fun!  Don’t feel pressured to pick the perfect dress right away and go with your gut if you do find your dress! Not everyone will have the magical, “This is my dress!” moment and that is ok!  If nothing is feeling right, take note of your favorites and try again another day.  If you feel like you found your dress, go with your gut and say yes!

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