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May 13, 2021

Wedding Suits – Buy vs. Rent

Why the Guys Should Buy A Wedding Suit Instead of Renting – Fargo, ND

It can be a tough choice between renting or buying your wedding suit. Back when your parents were married, most people just rented their tux and returned it after the wedding!  However, there are now a ton of great options to buy a suit instead. Here are some of the pros and cons for buying vs renting a wedding suit.

Pros of Buying Your Wedding Suite

  • Keep it
    • The biggest plus of buying your own wedding suit is that you get to keep it!  You can wear the suit for other formal events, wear the pants and dress shirt to a job interview, or to wear on a nice date night with your new wife.  Not everyone has a nice suit, so your wedding is a good excuse to buy one you can continue to wear.
  • Tailor It
    • Since the suit is yours, you can tailor it to exactly what you want. A rented suit will be close, but when buying you have a lot more options for customization. You can even line your suit jacket with photos of your dog if you want. The options are endless because you don’t have to return the suit after your wedding day!
  • No Worry About Returning It
    • Speaking of returning a suit, when you buy your wedding suit you don’t have to worry about returning it!  When you are heading off to your honeymoon as newly weds, the last thing you want to think about is your suit rental and when it needs to be returned by.
  • Brand New
    • Your wedding suit will be brand new instead of a rented suit that has been worn and cleaned many times. The suit is new and unique to you and your wedding day!  You can even mix and match options and create the perfect wedding day look that rental places may not have as an option.

Cons of Buying Your Wedding Suite

  • Can Be More Expensive
    • Renting a wedding suit can be more cost effective than buying a suit. If you are looking to save some money or you just really don’t need a nice suit in your closet, you can save a bit of money and rent the suit instead.
  • You May Not Need Another Suit
    • You open your closet and already see five perfectly good suits, or maybe you never have a reason to wear a suit!  If you don’t need another suit or will never wear it again, it makes more sense to just rent the suit. That way it isn’t taking up space in your closet until you decide to get rid of it.
  • Renting Can Make More Expensive Options Cheaper
    • If you have elaborate plans for your wedding suit, want a high end tux, or maybe a velvet jacket that you can’t afford to buy, renting is the best plan!  Renting helps you afford a more expensive option without having to break the bank.
  • Ties, Shorts, Socks Not Included
    • When you rent your wedding suit, everything is included. You don’t have to go searching for a dress shirt, tie, cufflinks or anything else. You just pick up your suit and everything you need will be there.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that buying a new wedding suit means that you have an outfit that is unique to you. I would imagine that purchasing a new suit also gives you a goal to keep yourself in good shape before your wedding. You will want to keep yourself in shape so that you can make sure that you fit in your suit.

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